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Andre Berto training camp notes

Photos: Ryan Greene / Premier Boxing Champions

Photos: Ryan Greene / Premier Boxing Champions

Andre Berto has been hard at work at Virgil Hunter’s gym in Hayward, Calif., as he prepares for his April 30 rematch against Victor Ortiz.

“I’ve improved tremendously. Mentally and all the way around the board. There was so much that went into that fight and that camp the first time. I shouldn’t have fought that fight, but being who I am, I wanted to get in there. I was just a young fighter who didn’t take the fight seriously. I overlooked my opponent. Now I’m a much more mature fighter. I’ve pushed myself for this camp,” said Berto.

Berto and Ortiz first met in 2011, as both men visited the canvas in one of the best fights of the year, which Ortiz won via unanimous decision. It’s a fight fans have been clamoring to see again, despite it taking five years to take place.

“This fight has always been on my mind. Even when I tried to move on, other people continued to remind me about it,” acknowledged Berto. “Everyone said I needed to get him back. That’s the fight everyone has wanted to see and that everyone deserves. I’m going to give everyone the fight they deserve.

“I believe that coming back from my shoulder surgery that I’ve been more motivated and improving as a fighter. Everyone has seen the improvements. We’re definitely ready for anything he wants to bring. If he’s aggressive we’re ready and everyone knows I can stand there and punch.”

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According to Berto, training camp has been tough and long, as he has been working out with both Amir Khan and Andre Ward.On this training camp with Virgil Hunter:

“We all feed off of each other. All of us have pretty much been in camp together leading up to and through all of our fights. Even now Andre is there to watch us spar and work. It’s great motivation for all of us to be there. We’re all pushing each other to get better every day.”

Ortiz has been saying throughout his own camp that he will knock Berto out this time around. ¬†Berto however, doesn’t take his threat seriously.

“That’s what he said the first time. I’ve made it evident as well that I’ll finish him and finish this chapter. I want it to be over. Still for some reason my name comes up. People continue to cross us together. I just want to finish this chapter and finish in style.”

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