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Bank or Bust: Victor Ortiz, Lopez-Salido, Mayweather, Abraham

Alright fight fans, after a brief hiatus, Bank or Bust returns as Ryan Bates and Igor Frank go head to head to discuss some of the happenings from this past weekend.  So let’s not waste anymore time and get to it – ding, ding!

Round 1: Victor Ortiz’ performance against Andre Berto should erase any memories of the Maidana fight.

Ryan Bates: FACT - Well, at least, it should. The only way to truly erase it is of course to rematch Maidana, which I certainly wouldn’t turn away. The Maidana fight was a black mark made in Sharpie: you could try to wipe it out, but there will still be a faint smear. However, you had Vic Ortiz in a hard battle where he was taking some good chunks and knockdowns, but instead of giving up, persevered and worked hard. He overcame and came back and won. We all said Berto would eventually lose when he didn’t take a fight seriously; no one thought it would come from Ortiz though. Anyone who still focuses on the Maidana fight has something personal against him. In the objective boxing world, though, Ortiz has paid for his sins.

Igor Frank: FACT - First of all Victor Ortiz never quit. I spoke to the referee Raul Caiz Sr. immediately following the fight. He told me that the doctor deemed Ortiz not able to continue and recommended the fight be stopped. Ortiz did however look like he didn’t want to be there any more. If nothing else, round six of Ortiz-Berto fight should erase all the memories of the Maidana fight. After being dropped hard from a monster right hand from Berto, Ortiz got up and fought on instinct like a real fighter and managed to return the favor to a careless adversary at the end of the stanza. Ortiz took over the fight in the later rounds and fought like a true champion and earned the WBC welterweight crown.

Round 2: You believe it was outside distractions that lead to Juan Manuel Lopez losing to Orlando Salido.

Ryan Bates: FICTIONI believe it was lack of defense. Mtagwa showed that if you go on a full-court press against Lopez, you can do some nasty damage. So instead of going back to the drawing board, JuanMa (who I like, for the record) goes up against Luevano, not known for offense; Concepcion, who makes Luevano look like a wrecking machine, and an aging Rafa Marquez. Salido did his homework, and deserves every ounce of credit in his win.

Igor Frank: FACT - Juan Manuel Lopez did look a bit out of sorts, but the sneaky overhand right of Salido would have found its mark on the champion even if he was fully prepared and one hundred percent into it mentally. Juan Manuel would have to fight a perfect fight in a rematch by moving and not standing in front of the Mexican banger. I am not sure if he could do it for twelve rounds.

Round 3: You’d favor Marco Antonio Rubio against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Or Sebastian Zbik.

Ryan Bates: FACT - Granted, I’d probably pick a slice of cheese toast over Junior. That being said, Rubio is not someone to take lightly. He’s getting up there in years, he’s not a total fighter, but he can knock ’em outta the park when he has to. He gave Kelly “Last Call” Pavlik fits in what was supposed to be a gimme fight in 2009 in Youngstown. He upset Lemieux last week. He has a 70s-era-seductive mustache. I don’t know a whole lot about Zbik, but I know enough about Chavez Jr. to know that he should be concerned if his opponent is Rubio.

Igor Frank: FICTION - Marco Antonio Rubio is a seasoned veteran. His stock went up after destroying an undefeated proespect from Canada in Lemieux but he is not on the same level as Zbik technically. If Chavez Jr. gets in shape he could easily outbox Rubio, who I consider a B-level fighter.

Round 4: Floyd Mayweather was scouting both Berto and Ortiz for his possible return bout opponent on Saturday.

Igor Frank: FACT - Floyd Mayweather is running out of money and time. He wants to have a tune-up fight, so he was scouting Berto who was heavily favored to win last Saturday. Would a calculating Mayweather want a piece of Victor Ortiz though?

Ryan  Bates: FACT - Or fiction. I don’t give a rat’s ass. Probably fact. That’s something bitchmade he would do, instead of taking the actual fight he should take. Until there are signed, open to the public documents saying Floyd will fight Manny, I’m done talking about him. He’s not worth MY time. That’s right. Mr. 41-0 is NOT WORTH MY TIME, nor the time of real boxing fans. The hell with Floyd. Next question.

Round 5: Arthur Abraham will perform better than expected against Andre Ward.

Igor Frank: FICTION - Arthur Abraham is too small for the super middleweight division. Carl Froch exposed him. The only way Arthur Abraham could win is if he threw a lot of punches and stayed aggressive throughout the contest. I am not sure if he could do that. He only knows one way to fight. On the other hand Ward is very versatile and finds a way to win in every contest.

Ryan Bates: FICTION - The man to beat in this Super Six Neverending Story is Andre Ward. Arthur Abraham has shown he can get thrown off a gameplan and resort to cheating if he needs to. Frankly, when this tournament began (which seems like it was back in 1958) I thought Ward/Abraham would be a close match. Now I don’t think it will be that close. Ward will box circles around Abraham. I just hope Ward is wearing a solid cup.

Round 6: Out of the two bantamweight bouts this Saturday night, Darchinyan-Perez may be the most explosive.

Igor Frank: FACT - While Mares-Agbeko might turn into a boxing match, Perez and Darchinyan promised to knock each other out. If Yhonny Perez stands in front of Vic and tries to slug it out, it will be an explosive bout. Considering how much is at stake for both fighters,  this simply will be a war.

Ryan Bates: FICTION - Darchinyan-Perez will be good; Mares-Agbeko will be even better. Abner Mares, who gets better and better with every fight, is not afraid to throw down if need be; Agbeko has also been known to swing for the fences when he gets hurt. You’re more likely to see the KO in this fight than the other one.

And there you have it fight fans, but now it’s time to hear from you.  Share your thoughts in our comments section below and tell us what you think…Bank or Bust?

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