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Caballero, Rios LA media workout recap

Randy Caballero faces Lee Haskins on the Nov. 21 Cotto vs Canelo undercard.

Randy Caballero will face Lee Haskins on the Nov. 21 Cotto vs Canelo undercard.

Randy Caballero and Ronny Rios held an open media workout in Los Angeles in advance of their upcoming participation on the November 21 Cotto vs Canelo card.

IBF bantamweight champion Randy Caballero may not be fighting on the pay-per-view portion of the undercard when he faces Lee Haskins, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.

“The way I will win on November 21 will make everyone stop. I’m going to break Haskins down round by
round,” Caballero said. “Even if it’s not televised, I know a lot of people are watching. I’m a Golden Boy Champion, and I’m ready to represent one of the best Promoters out there.”

Caballero has been out of action for over a year due to surgery in order to remove a cyst in his right leg. Having captured his first world title after defeating Stuart Hall in October of 2014. He says he has no plans of letting go of that belt any time soon.

“My title is not going anywhere. I’ve fought so hard to keep it, and I’m hungry to get back in the ring,” Caballero said. “As people saw, after my surgery, I was in a wheelchair and I was still hitting the gym. I’m trying to make a statement, and let people know who I am, and what makes a champion. My body feels good, and I’m ready to get more titles.”

Rios’ fight with Jayson Velez will be seen on pay-per-view.

While the main event is a high-profile showdown between a Mexican and a Puerto Rican, Rios says that he and Velez will add their own chapter to the Mexico vs. Puerto Rico rivalry.

“We are ready, and well prepared for the fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on
November 21,” Rios said. “This fight is perfect for me. The challenge it brings feeds into the Puerto Rico vs. Mexico
boxing rivalry. It’s also my first time on a Pay-Per-View fight under card, which makes it all the more

Rios says he will refuse to let Velez control the action on November 21.

“My opponent likes to fight and dictate the pace but that will not happen this time,” Rios said. “For this camp, we
corrected a lot of my own mistakes, and tried to make improvements. I’m here to fight the best, and I want to
win. Jayson Velez is a great fighter and my focus is all on him.”

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