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Canelo edges Lara in entertaining fight

Photos: Esther Lin / Showtime

Photos: Esther Lin / Showtime

The oddsmakers basically had this a 50-50 fight and it certainly played out that way.

A sellout crowd, 14,239 fans to be exact, packed the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas to to watch the top two 154 lb. fighters in the world go at it.

The first three rounds were reminiscent of Canelo’s fight with Floyd Mayweather last September. Lara was constantly moving while landing a steady jab to keep Canelo at bay. Meanwhile, Canelo was largely inactive and when he did throw, he was flailing all over the place as if he was a batter hitting under .200.

In round four, Canelo began to let his hands go. This is where the tide began to turn.

Instead of trying to knock Lara’s block off, Canelo began to attack the body. Through round nine, Lara lost control of the fight as he completely stopped throwing punches while Canelo slowly began to apply more pressure as each round came by.

Canelo_Lara1Lara would soon make a comeback, as he took rounds 10 and 11 similar to the way he took the first three which was by moving around the ring and being and staying active with his punches.

When the bell rang for round 12, Canelo came out like a man possessed as if his corner told him he needed a knockout. Canelo was throwing furious flurries to Lara’s body but Lara also came with firepower of his own as the two exchanged punches multiple times in the middle of the ring.

When the round came to a close, both men raised their hands thinking they had the victory and anxiously awaited the final decision.

As was expected by many, myself included, the scorecards were close and went to a split decision. Jerry Roth saw it 115-113 for Lara, Dave Moretti had it 115-113 for Canelo and Levi Martinez came through with an atrocious 117-111 scorecard in favor of Canelo. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone as it seems like every fight has at least one bad scorecard lately. At least, in my opinion, the right man won.

I scored the fight 115-113 for Canelo Alvarez but I would have had no problems with a draw or even a one point decision in favor of Lara.

Lara felt that he won the fight and he let it be known in the post-fight interview. While he did ask for a rematch, I highly doubt that a second fight ever comes to fruition.

Canelo-Cotto anyone?

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