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Bradley focused on winning “no matter what”

Photos: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Photos: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Timothy Bradley has seen his fair share of tough fights, but perhaps none as tough as his previous three.  He earned a dubious decision against Manny Pacquiao in their first fight, survived a hellacious war with Ruslan Provodnikov, and then outboxed Juan Manuel Marquez in a career-best performance.

It seems that no matter the circumstances, Bradley finds a way to win, and that’s exactly what he says he’ll do on April 12 when he faces Pacquiao in a rematch in Las Vegas.

“We have a game plan and I am going to go out there and execute my game plan and that’s that,” said Bradley earlier this week. “Whether I fight in the trenches or a war, or I go outbox Manny Pacquiao – I will win no matter what.”

Bradley surely displayed his ability to go toe-to-toe when he was nearly taken out by Provodnikov, and his boxing ability was on display when he bested Marquez, and there is no doubt that he has improved since his win over Pacquiao.

Bradley_mediaDay_140403_004a“I think that everybody thinks I am a quality fighter right now and my status is completely different than it was in the first fight,” explained Bradley. “I wasn’t really known in the first fight – everyone was like who is this guy?  Now having won the 2013 Fight of the Year and beating Marquez, who knocked out Pacquiao in an unbelievable 2013 – I think the fight is even bigger right now than it was in the first fight.”

Had the rematch taken place immediately after the first fight, the public perception may have been more negative.  Perhaps there would have been some who felt the first fight was fixed, and given Bradley’s fake Pacquiao-Bradley 2 tickets he showed off at one of their press conferences, it certainly would’ve stirred up more controversy.  However, given how great Bradley looked against the same guy [Marquez] that knocked out Pacquiao, no one can question  the talent of “Desert Storm.”

And while the stench of the decision win by Bradley over Pacquiao has faded somewhat, there are still those who won’t get off Bradley’s back about that fight.  Still, he knows he has to stay focused on the task at hand and simply try to get the job done.

“At the end of the day all I can do is my job and that’s it.  I can’t worry about judges – can’t be worried about what it this and what is that.  That’s not my job to worry about any of that.  The fans are going to scream out if something is not right.  The fans are going to tell everybody what’s not right.  Isn’t that what happened in my fight, the controversy?  Everyone is like you didn’t win.  I won the fight.  I wasn’t the one judging the fight.  Everyone said I didn’t win the fight.  I didn’t win.  I didn’t get any credit.  I lost the credit form the fans.  I lost the credit from the world.  I lost the credit from boxing by beating this guy.  And I am going to beat him decisively this time.  No questions asked.”

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