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Cotto drops WBC middleweight title

Even if Miguel Cotto wins on Saturday, he will no longer hold the WBC title.

Even if Miguel Cotto wins on Saturday, he will no longer hold the WBC title.

While most of the buildup to the showdown between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez was centered around the WBC middleweight title, it turns out only Alvarez will get a chance to win it.

Cotto was stripped of his middleweight title by the WBC.

ESPN reported that the decision was made after Cotto refused to pay required $300,000 sanctioning fee to put the title on the line.

“The World Boxing Council worked tirelessly through a process that began over two years ago to secure the celebration of the highly anticipated fight between Miguel Cotto and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. The WBC is proud of that accomplishment that is giving boxing fans around the world a very important fight to see,” the WBC said in a statement. “After several weeks of communications, countless attempts and good faith time extensions trying to preserve the fight as a WBC world championship, Miguel Cotto and his promotion [Roc Nation Sports] did not agree to comply with the WBC rules and regulations, while Saul Alvarez has agreed to do so. Accordingly, the WBC must rule on the matter prior to the fight.

“The WBC hereby announces that effective immediately it has withdrawn recognition of Miguel Cotto as WBC world middleweight champion.”

If Canelo comes out victorious on Saturday night, the WBC middleweight title is his. Should Cotto win, the title become vacant. In that situation, WBC interim champion Gennady Golovkin would most likely be elevated to full champion.

Cotto has no regrets about letting the title go, a move that Golden Boy President Oscar De La Hoya finds ‘disgraceful’. He says he would rather keep more money rather than pay a fee that he feels in unnecessary.

“I am not disappointed by the WBC’s decision [to strip Cotto of his title]. It was all about money,” Cotto said during his grand arrival at Mandalay Bay. “The fee for this fight was absurd to me and I prefer to keep the money in my account. I don’t need to pay attention to Oscar De La Hoya’s opinion. He should take care of his own business. And I will take care of mine. I don’t stick my nose in Oscar’s business. “

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