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Cotto-Margarito Post-Fight Thoughts

Photo by Chris Farina / Top Rank

After a terrific night of boxing, the assembled media gathered at The Theater in Madison Square Garden for the post-fight press conference for Cotto-Margarito II. Here are some quotes from the participants…

BOB ARUM: “A great night for new York a great night for Madison Square Garden. Truly, with all the fights we do in this country and around the world, you don’t get the thrill that you do doing a fight here in Madison Square Garden. There’s something so special about the building and particularly when you have a crowd like we had tonight, it’s just magic.”

MIKE JONES: “The next step is a title shot.I’m more than ready to compete with that. I’m excited about my future.”

DELVIN RODRIGEZ: “We worked very hard for this when you work really hard for something and you want it so badly and you finally get it, it’s a great feeling. Right now it’s just keep working hard. I want to fight the top names. I think I put in the work.”

ANTONIO MARGARITO: “The doctor asked me three times. I responded correctly. I asked for at least one more round.” [Margarito added that if he was given more time, the fight would have ended in the later rounds just like their first fight.]

MIGUEL COTTO: “When we were in training camp, Pedro designed a strategy for tonight’s fight and it worked to perfection. That’s what we wanted to do and we got it done.”

In regards to his future- “Right now I’m thinking about resting I had a really hard training camp. I think I deserve to just rest and not think about boxing for the next few weeks. Maybe in 2-3 weeks we can sit down and think about what we want to do next.”

When questioned about the difference from the first fight-“Everyone can see, I’ll leave it up to you guys you can be the judge. You can see my face now. You can see the way I got out the ring today and the way I got out in 2008. You guys come to your own conclusion.”

On why he stood so close to Margarito after the bout was stopped-“I wanted to savor my victory and I just wanted him to see that I was savoring my victory with the one eye he had open.”

On Margarito-“He means nothing to me. He has his life. I have mine.”

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