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Dissecting Ep. 1 of All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2

Photos: Esther Lin / Showtime

Photos: Esther Lin / Showtime

It was no surprise that the latest installment of the Mayweather executive-produced ‘All Access’ series starts out with a Mayweather soliloquy about his life and how he lives it.

“I’m going to continue to do what I want to do how I want to and  continue to control boxing,” spewed Mayweather. In a career spanning nearly 20 years and with a firm grasp on the mythical ‘pound for pound’ best fighter ranking, it’s kind of hard to disagree with the pugilist.

“When you speak boxing, your speaking Mayweather.”

Scene change to a makeshift Los Angeles set red carpet and Mayweather strolling sporting a Gucci belt and fitted tux as the crowd cheers/jeers and continues to contribute to the payroll of the highest paid athlete of the last few years.

Mayweather’s ring walks and knockout (Hatton, Ortiz) highlights are clipped in before a review of ‘The Moment’, the fighter’s first bout against Marcos Maidana.


“The guy (Maidana) was really entertaining. Dirty, but entertaining,” chimed Mayweather while clips are shown of Maidana bulling him through the ropes and Tony Weeks negating any rough stuff.

The opening portion of the ‘Mayhem’ tour was highlighted as the big stage of New York City served as the first of an ambitious four day, six-city nationwide tour. Mayweather touted to Maidana, “I was champion when your trainer (Robert Garcia) was champion.”

“I admire him for what he is… he’s one of boxing’s greats,” stated Maidana in a sit-down type interview before the glove-gate issue that evolved is discussed and shown in length on the day prior to May 5 fight.

“But respect? Not at all.”

The shoving match and glove-gate were detailed as the press tour rolled on throughout the United States before a 31st birthday cake is cut in front of Maidana, who partook in a small chunk of the calorie filled substance and gave a thumbs up approval of the dessert with family.

Family turned into the theme as the Mayweather descendants were featured and asked about their experiences on tour with their father, picking up good traits with the ‘hard work, dedication’ motto while riding rollercoasters with pops. Not a bad way to spend a Summer vacation, eh?

South Coast Mitsubishi is the prominently featured garb throughout the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy as trainer Robert Garcia regales his numerous encounters with the No. 1 fighter on the planet, which turned into a recurring theme with Garcia even using notes for firepower and even getting into it with TMT bodyguards.

Garcia wraps his fighters hands and discusses fight I before the pair gloves and pads up to trade blows in preparation for fight II.  The former world champion gives advice on spacing and punch placement to his fighter, as Maidana concedes it’s very difficult to hit and land solid shots on the best fighter in the world.

A silver Rolls Royce carries Mayweather to a ‘Mayhem’ training session at the Mayweather Boxing Club with ‘Money’ shown hitting the heavy bag, and later a million dollar Bugati carries the welterweight champion to a yoga workout with the fighter laying $100 bills all-around his $10 yoga mat.

Mayweather walks through warrior, downward facing dog and other yoga poses that he says helps keep him flexible and before the session is over, a hefty assistant interrupts and flashes 2-for-4 big macs flown in just for the champ, who takes a big mac break as yoga continues.

Mayweather continues his domination of rematches early, as the first and second big macs fall in succession followed behind a portion of freedom fries and soda pop.

Yoga session complete, and then it’s a roll back to the Big Boy Mansion with Mayweather dispensing various gifts to his assistants.


Another Maidana ‘Mayhem’ training session is shown before fighter and son partake in a helicopter ride above his training area of Oxnard, California.

Scene shift back to Sin City as Mayweather walks into a birthday party while throwing shots at rival 50 Cent when his former friend is mentioned by the crowd that develops whenever Mayweather is in a public setting. Mayweather later finds his own wings at an air-field in Vegas.

“This is where I started my career. This is where my career will end,” spoke Mayweather in postmortem fashion of his hometown as he was flown over the famous Las Vegas strip.

More clips of training are filtered in with a promotion reel of part II shown in the lead up to the second round of the All Access series September 6 in anticipation of ‘Mayhem’ set for September 14.

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