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Fact or Fiction: Pacquiao-Mayweather, Ward, GGG

Happy New Year everyone, as we’re back with the first edition of Fact or Fiction (formerly Bank or Bust) of 2015. To kick things off, we have Jonathan  Yaghoubi and Raymundo Dioses sitting down to discuss a handful of topics that will no doubt be on people’s minds this year.

So let’s get right to it.


1. Floyd Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

Raymundo: Fiction. I believe Floyd Mayweather, in his eyes, once again successfully maneuvered his way out of facing Manny Pacquiao via social media. Even though Pacquiao had the last word and left it in Mayweather’s hands to fight, publically calling out Mayweather for the first time in a long while, Mayweather believes he did enough this time around to shift the blame over to the other side. This will allow Mayweather to announce his next fight, probably against Amir Khan, and state that he did his best to make the Pacquiao fight, and once again blame Bob Arum and/or Manny Pacquiao for yet another fallout. I don’t see a Fall match between the two either, as 2015 will be the year of Haymon Boxing, and with the famed advisor sticking his hands even deeper into the sport, it would be hard to be optimistic that negotiations will prosper once the most powerful man in the sport garners even more power in the next 12 months.

Jonathan: Fiction. If you had asked me this question a few weeks ago, I would have answered ‘fact’ and why not? The fight seems closer to reality than fiction when Floyd Mayweather Jr. went on Showtime a few weeks back and said ” We’re ready. Let’s make it happen May 2nd. Mayweather versus Pacquiao, Let’s do it.” So what exactly has happened since he made those comments? Absolutely nothing.

Since Mayweather made those comments, you have heard nothing of note from Mayweather or his camp. It’s starting to feel like the only reason Mayweather said anything was a reaction to the Pacquiao Foot Locker commercial in which he is mocking Mayweather of ducking this fight. The whole world is starting to get the perception that Mayweather doesn’t want anything to do with Pacquiao.

Pacquiao sent out another tweet in which he once again dared Mayweather to step into the ring with him, but there has been no response. The more I hear nothing from Mayweather, the more likely this fight will never happen. Many Mayweather fans will argue that Bob Arum is the real reason that this fight has not been made and that is certainly part of the reason, but the not THE reason why it has not happened. There seems to be way too many obstacles in the way of getting this fight made, and the longer it goes with no announcement of a fight, then the more likely we will see Mayweather vs. Khan in late May and Cotto vs. Canelo on May 2nd.

2. Deontay Wilder will be the next American heavyweight titlist.

Raymundo: Fiction. I do not believe Wilder will be able to dethrone Stiverne. Prior to his first match against Chris Arreola, Stiverne was not a known commodity. After breaking Arreola’s nose and scoring a decision win, and then TKO’ing Arreola this year in the rematch (both fights were covered by 3MR) Stiverne now has the experience and confidence to hang onto his title for at least a few defenses. Wilder may have his moments, can will be taken 12 rounds, or even stopped himself, by Stiverne, who is just as heavy handed. Also, word is Vegas odds favor Wilder, so lay down a little if you believe what you just read to be correct!

Jonathan: Fact. Anytime a fighter has knocked out every singe opponent that has been put in front of him, you have to take notice. That is exaclty what has happened so far in the career of Deontay Wilder with an impressive record of 32-0, 32 KO’s,  He will get a chance to become the next American heavyweight champion when he faces Bermane Stiverne in a few weeks for the WBC title. I feel that time has come for Wilder to step into the spotlight and finally win the that coveted title bout. This bout against Stiverne will certainly be the toughest of his career, but I feel that Wilder has the speed and power to take care of the slower Stiverne.

Andre Ward speaks to the media at King's Gym in Oakland (Photo: Squint Photo)

Photo: Squint Photo

3. Andre Ward will return to action in the next 12 months.

Raymundo: Fact. I believe Andre Ward will be signed by either Roc Nation Boxing or Haymon Boxing, or even Top Rank in the next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Golden Boy Promotions even stuck their offer into the ‘Ward Bidding War’ of 2015.

Jonathan: Fact. I just can’t see Ward waste another prime year of his boxing career without any fight in 2015. He was in middle of a bitter court battle with Goosen promotions and lost. He feels like he is not getting the kind of money he deserves and seems to be in any rush to getting back in the ring. Since defeating Carl Froch is World Boxing Classic Final in 2011, Ward has fought just twice, a dominating 10th-round knockout of then-light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson (who dropped down in weight to challenge for Ward’s title) in September 2012 and a one-sided decision win against Edwin Rodriguez in November of 2013.

He is going to need that prize money sooner or later and he is not going to get that by announcing a couple of shows this year on HBO. The amount of money that can be made By Ward if he fought the likes of Sergey Kovalev or even Gennady Golovkin would be through the roof. Ward is losing out on alot of money right now and I just can’t see that continuing this year for one of the great pound for pound fighters.

4. If Nonito Donaire goes back down in weight, he can again be a world champ.

Raymundo: Fact. I can see Donaire becoming a fringe titlist once again, but anything in or south of 122 pounds is going to be rough at the elite level due to so many little big names emerging at that weight.

Jonathan: Fiction. The days of Nonito Donaire becoming a world champion once again are just about done. The decline started with his lopsided decision loss to Guillermo Rigondeaux in which he blamed his lousy performance on his shoulder and of course the crowd completely booed the heck out of him for that comment. Despite looking bad in the ring that night, Donaire did not suffer any kind of beating from a physical standpoint. The same can’t be said this year when Donaire suffered a brutal knockout loss to Nicholas Walters for the featherweight title. Donaire did not have the power to hurt Walters that night, while more pounding from Walters on Donaire may have put him in the hospital for a long time.

If Donaire does go back down in weight, he will certainly have much better luck than if he stayed at featherweight. However, the days of fighters fearing Donaire’s knockout power are over. He has been forever exposed and he will never that aura back that he once had in 2012 when he was named the Boxer of the Year. Since the year of 2012 ended, Donaire’s skills quickly vanished him .The signs of his decline had been there for a long time. Donaire’s performances had been on the decline for some time, as opponents began to pick up on his reliance on one-punch power.

In his first featherweight match last year, he was behind on the cards against Darchinyan before scoring a bail-out knockout in the Round 9. Against Simpiwe Vetyeka earlier this year, Donaire escaped a rough battle with a technical decision win.

Doanire has lost too much in the last two years, and it seems like next to impossible to get back what he once had.


5. There is no one at 175 pounds that can stop Sergey Kovalev right now.

Raymundo: Fact. Kovalev has the potential to have a successful and lucrative reign in the light-heavyweight division. The Russian has a few name opponents he can be matched up against, namely Adonis Stevenson, and his next match against Jan Pascal, as well as a few contenders he can run through with relative ease. 175 is all Kovalev in 2015.

Jonathan: Fiction. He seems to be like the best guy in the division at the moment, but Adonis Stevenson is someone that can give him a good battle. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel that Andre Ward has the best chance to beat Kovalev but Ward did not have any fights in 2014 so his inactivity certainly hurts more than help.

6.GGG will be boxing’s next big star.

Raymundo: Fact. As long as GGG keeps punching opponents into oblivion, the demand will increase and name opponents will be forced to give the Kazakh his just due. With the backing of K2 Promotions and HBO, Golovkin’s profile will continue to rise. HBO stablemate Canelo Alvarez may have an advantage in popularity at the present time, but as the GGG brand gets bigger, perhaps it will lead to a showdown between the two in 2015 or 2016.

Jonathan: Fact. He already is there and only going to get bigger. But the time has come for Golovkin to get that big money fight that he certainly deserves. I don’t want him to see him on HBO anymore fighting a couple of no names. The next fight he needs to make is to face newly crowned champion Andy Lee at Madison Square Garden. That is a fight that will certainly sell out the Garden because of the huge Irish community, and Golovkin is as exciting fighter as anybody in the sport.

He has been a big star now for the last year and a half but it’s time to fight a name guy. The guy is so good that he hurts himself when it becomes of becoming a HUGE star. There aren’t a lot of great middleweights out there. Cotto isn’t looking to fight him at this point, and Golovkin’s effort to get Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. into the ring failed. Golovkin is fighting the best available guys and simply blowing them out. He’s a highly skilled boxer with a mean streak, a guy who hurts his opposition with literally every punch he throws. He makes his opponents look inept and helpless. There is nobody in the sport of boxing that does that better than Golovkin.

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