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Freddie Roach Speaks on Pacquiao, Khan and Chavez Jr.

Five-time trainer of the Year Freddie Roach spoke to RingTV.com earlier this week regarding his star fighters Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan and  among other topics. Below is a recap of what he stated:

His concern on Manny Pacquiao’s out of ring activities: I’ve talked to Manny. There won’t be any distractions. He said that he’s going to stay out of the bars and the clubs. He’s going to stay away from the gambling. Everything that he says that he’s going to do will make it easier for me. The part where he said God and boxing might not go together, he told me that he knows that God understands that it’s a sport.

What Amir Khan has to do to win the rematch with Lamont Peterson? The thing is that he did lay on the ropes at times in a passive position. He was letting Lamont go with some hard shots to the body. So I would pretty much tell him not to lay on the ropes so much and to box more in the middle of the ring. We want him to put on more weight after the weigh-in and so he’ll be a lot stronger and be as big as Peterson was.

On rumours that his fighters us Performance Enhancers: I know that my guys are clean, so that’s all that I care about. I don’t believe in drugs. If I thought somebody was on drugs then I’m not going to work with them. My guys are clean.

On Chavez Jr.’s last performance given against Rubio? He performed very well. I honestly thought that he would out-box this guy a little more because the guy is a big puncher and so forth. But he told me that he felt the guy’s power early and that he felt like Rubio couldn’t hurt him, so he wanted to beat him at his own game. I was very pleased with his performance and it made for a great fight.

Will Chavez Jr. be ready for Martinez in the near future? I would say yes to that, but the thing is that I would rather see him fight Canelo first because that’s the bigger fight. I think that that’s the second biggest fight today. It’s a fight that I’m not sure who would win. I would like that fight first, and then I would like the winner to fight Martinez. That’s just the way that I would prefer it. But if Martinez comes to the table and they come up with the right amount of money, then I would fight him tomorrow, yes.

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