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Froch-Groves rematch confirmed for May 31

Super middleweight titlist Carl Froch has agreed to give George Groves a rematch, and the two will meet on May 31, according to the BBC.

Froch retained his titles via ninth round TKO last November, but it was a fight that Groves was in control of, having also floored Froch earlier in the fight. At the time of the stoppage, Groves had been hurt, but not bad enough to warrant a stoppage, prompting widespread criticism of referee Howard Foster, and of Froch for refusing to give Groves a rematch.

“I listened to the public and gave them what they wanted. I expect this to be one of the biggest fights the country has ever seen,” Froch told the BBC.

After Groves filed an appeal to the IBF last month, the rematch was ordered and Froch was given the choice to either follow through or give up his title.

“I am still shocked that Froch has agreed to take the fight. I respect him for his bravery,” said Groves. “Britain will have its own Hagler-Hearns to talk about for years to come.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn expects the fight to take place at soccer stadium, with Old Trafford in Machester or Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium being considered.

“I believe this is the biggest fight in British boxing history. I want to see how big we can make it,” noted Hearn.

Added Froch, “It’s been a difficult period for me following the first fight. I’ve had to listen to his endless whining and appeals when ultimately the referee did him perhaps the biggest favour possible and saved him from a devastating knockout, whilst denying me the right of a clinical finish and a great comeback victory. I was poor in the first fight. I didn’t give him the respect as a fighter. I can’t wait to get back in there and do a proper job.”

Froch will be awarded 85% of the purse, while Groves is only entitled to 15%, under the terms of the IBF’s decision.

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  1. Leonardo L Torres

    February 13, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    referee cannot just make the outcome of the fight ugly and unfair. he can also create rematches that can be bigger than the first meetings.

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