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Froch KOs Groves with one punch

Photos: Lawrence Lustig

Photos: Lawrence Lustig

Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KOs) retained his super middleweight titles on Saturday night, with a one-punch KO of George Groves (19-2, 15 KOs) in front of approximately 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in London.

This was a rematch of their November 2013 clash, which saw Froch stop Groves controversially in the 9th round of a fight Groves was winning.

Groves got off to a good start, looking loose and using his jab to keep Froch on the defensive.  In the second round, Groves used almost exclusively his left jab while Froch continued to look uncomfortable and stiff. It wasn’t until the fifth round that Froch finally begain to let his hands go, connecting with hooks to the body and the right hand upstairs.

The sixth round was another good one for Froch, continuing to attack to the body while Groves worked upstairs.  In the seventh, Groves connected with a left hand that knocked Froch off-balance but was unable to put him on the canvas, despite Froch retreating for most of the round.

FROCH v GROVES2 THE REMATCHWEMBLEY STADIUM LONDONPIC;LAWRENCE LUSTIGWBA & IBF Super Middleweight World ChampionshipsCarl Froch v George GrovesCarl Froch knocks out George GrovesThe end then finally came in the eighth, when Groves had his left hand low, which Froch took advantage of by firing a devastating right hand that landed right on the chin, sending Groves crashing down with his left foot underneath him.

No count was needed as Groves was completely out, before regaining his composure shortly after and attempting to tell the referee he could continue.

“I’m feeling unbelievably elated. This is the best moment in my boxing career,” Froch said after the fight. “This is a legacy fight. My legacy was at stake. I didn’t want to finish my career and be remembered in the biggest fight in British history as being the loser.”

Groves for his part, congratulated Froch, saying, “I was in my groove, boxing well, and I got caught with a shot. Congratulations to Carl.”

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