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Gonzalez dominates on LA Fight Club

Photos: Raymundo Dioses

Photos: Raymundo Dioses

The final fight card of year at the 89-year-old Belasco Theatre featured a sold-out crowd and highlight knockouts in what was a spectacular way to close 2015 for Golden Boy Promotions.

‘LA Fight Club’ started in February this year and month after month, featured the brightest young stars in the GBP stable from Diego De La Hoya and Julian Ramirez to Jason Quigley, Nick Arce and Joseph Diaz, Jr.

On this night, headliner Christian ‘Chimpa’ Gonzalez dominated his opponent in two frames and at the same time showed some durability as his opponent, Alejandro Ochoa was able to land a few shots but that only lead to Gonzalez opening up and ultimately scoring a stoppage win.

Ochoa made a name for himself early, landing in spots and circling away from Gonzalez, making it difficult for the Los Angeles favorite to work effectively.

The fight turned after a huge right hand landed for Gonzalez. Ochoa was only kept up by the ropes, and Gonzalez seized the opportunity and closed the show with a barrage of punches that floored Ochoa to the canvas.

“I had been training hard and focusing on landing shots like that uppercut that put him down. I knew the body shots I landed early in the fight had a lot of effect and I saw him breathing out of his mouth. The body shots set up my uppercut. ” said Gonzalez.

i delgado

In the television opener, South Central’s Ivan Delgado was mostly dominant against Luis Lizarraga, Jr., in a super bantamweight contest that lasted the six round distance. Delgado scored at will with his left hand, which Lizarraga simply could not get away from.

Lizarraga, (5-7-1, 2KO) made a good showing of himself yet proved limited in comparison to the multi-faceted, calm approach of Delgado. The LA native landed the harder punches whenever the two traded and seemed to always be in control, even when Lizarraga would come on.

The final tally was unanimous at 60-54 on all three scorecards in Delgado’s favor.

“I wanted to show fans that I can box and I can counterpunch as well. I have been training hard and am looking forward to starting 2016 off strong after this victory,” said Delgado.

It was quite impressive to see a fighter in Delgado, (8-0-1, 2KO) with only seven bouts to his name be so relaxed, yet still effective, in a boxing affair against a capable opponent. This may mean bright things to come for Delgado in 2016 and beyond.

A body blow felled Ernesto Guerrero in his contest against Oscar Negrete, (12-0, 5KO) in a fight that served as the night’s co-main event.

After a few rounds that were mostly in Negrete’s favor, a stiff punch to the body sent Guerrero to the canvas. Although able to get up, referee Jerry Cantu didn’t like what he saw from Guerrero and waived off the bout.

Guerrero had served as a late substitute opponent, but Negrete was still able to notch another win in the left side of his record.

“I had been studying for another opponent but due to a last minute change, I had to come in and figure out a whole new opponent. My trainer deserves a lot of credit because we prepared for another fighter but we were still able to come up with a plan and execute it. It’s great to end 2015 on such a high note and I can’t wait to start 2016 with the same momentum,” said Negrete.

Super featherweight Nick Arce flashed a solid jab and good spacing in his fight against Tijuana’s Ali Gonzalez.

nick arce

Arce (6-0, 6KO) scored a second round stoppage via body punch yet ate a few punches throughout the short encounter, which could serve as good learning experience for the Los Angeles native.

“I wasn’t expecting to win this way. I knew that my opponent was a tough fighter, and I would have to close the distance with my reach. I’m looking forward to taking some time off and enjoying it with my family after this win,” said Arce.

Pacoima, California’s Emilio Sanchez, (11-0, 8KO) scored a knockout with a left hand hook that sent opponent Juan Hernandez to the canvas. Referee Wayne Hedgpeth started his count, but decided no count was necessary and waived off the bout as Sanchez logged his 8th KO as a professional.

“I had been working on strength training and really liked how it impacted me this fight. I was able to break him down bit by bit with my body shots and then eventually catch him with my hook,” said Sanchez.

The opening bout of the night featured Joshua Franco, (3-0, 2KO) who made quick work of Leonardo Reyes in the first round of a super flyweight bout.

“I was conditioned and ready to fight a longer fight. Our strategy was to break him down, but it came sooner than expected and I’m thrilled to have gotten the win. He came out swinging but I have always been able to keep my composure and stick to the game plan and it worked out great” said Franco.


Boxers/Stars in attendance: Golden Boy Promotions Chairman and CEO Oscar De La Hoya, Jesus Soto Karass, Robert Garcia, Julian “El Camaron” Ramirez, Roy “Pit Bull” Tapia, Johnathan Navarro. Big Duke/Psycho Realm, Noe Ramirez from the Boston Red Sox and actor and comedian Johnny Skourtis.

De La Hoya stayed after the final fight and greeted hundreds of fans with autographs and pictures for those who made a purchase from the Golden Boy Promotions table of merchandise.

DJ Tattoo served as lead MC of the night.

Ring announcer Joe Martinez lead the crowd in a solemn silent 10 count in respect to the shooting in San Bernardino, California earlier this week that saw 14 killed and 17 wounded.

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