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Herrera earns technical decision over Lundy

Photos: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/GBP

Photos: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/GBP

Mauricio Herrera took on Hank Lundy on an HBO Latino televised event from the Los Angeles Sports Arena in what ended up a dubious decision win for Herrera after five rounds.

Herrera, (22-5, 7KO) was cut on his right eye in round one by a clash of heads, followed up by another head butt in round two that then affected his left eye.

Aside from the head butts, Lundy was successful fighting righty instead of his normal southpaw stance.

By round five, referee Jack Reiss, who had stopped the action multiple times to have Herrera’s cuts checked out, felt prompted to stop the proceedings.

Alongside some awkward physical interaction from Herrera, who was clearly affected by the butts and perhaps slightly concussed, Reiss stopped the fight, with the bout going to the cards.


“He stung me in the first round and I kind of lost focus. I started finding my momentum as the rounds went on. But, the issue with the cut really made the fight lose its rhythm and momentum. I can’t see how deep the cut is but I feel physically fine and could have kept going. I am in good condition and was landing good body shots and was wearing him down.”

Lundy, (25-5-1, 12KO) thought he dominated the action and was not happy with the end result.

“You saw it. He couldn’t handle my speed, my power or my skills so he was holding and doing a bunch of other dirty stuff. I know I won the fight. And, I was ready to take him out if it kept going.”



Olympian Joseph Diaz was in tough against solid veteran Rene Alvarado in a fight where he dropped Alvarado early.

“I think it was an exciting fight, a fight for the people. I was his first big test and he did a good job. But, I feel that I dominated the fight and the win should have been mine. This fight should have been for Nicaragua.” [Regarding the second round]: “It wasn’t a knockdown. I tripped. I wasn’t hurt. This fight should have been mine.”

Alvarado proceeded to outland Diaz throughout the rest of the fight, with the pro-Diaz crowd quiet as Alvarado continued to walk down Diaz throughout the contest and get the better of the exchanges.

After ten frames the three judges all had it for Diaz, with judge Max DeLuca somehow seeing the fight 98-91 for the house fighter.



Michael Perez logged a sixth round stoppage victory over Luis Sanchez in a less than stellar affair that served as the lead in to the night’s main event.

Perez, (23-1-2, 11KO) landed more punches than his opponent, which was not saying much as neither were very effective throughout the contest.

“It started out with my jab. It is something we have been working on and it is really effective. Some say it is almost as effective as my straight right. I am glad the work I put it showed. I knew I would drop him at some point.”

A left hand floored Sanchez, who was a late sub-in opponent, and was able to make it to his feet, but referee Raul Caiz Sr. stopped the bout as Sanchez didn’t look steady on his stems.



Super middleweight Jason Quigley rolled over opponent Tom Howard inside two rounds.

Quigley, (7-0, 7KO) showed quickness and assertiveness early and rode knockdowns in rounds one and two to remain undefeated and perhaps Golden Boy Promotions best prospect, especially after the poor showing from Joseph Diaz.

“I always prepare to go to the scorecard at every fight. But, once I see a weakness and opportunity, I have to take him out. Boxing is one of those sports where there are no second chances. No do-overs. You just gotta take that chance. And, it’s a good feeling to know that you can take that chance over the course of a fight with one shot.”


The Los Angeles Sports Arena originated in the 1950’s with its first event a boxing match, is suspected to close its doors; the arena began and ended with boxing.

Whispers around press row were that there may be one more boxing event in the arena before it is bulldozed down.

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    Tough break…Herrera-Lundy was looking like a fun scrap.

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