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Jägermeister and Freddie Roach: Unlikely Allies for Social Responsibility

Jagermeister-BAt first glance, the thought of the number one selling imported liqueur in the United States and one of the greatest boxing trainers of all time teaming up for a project might sound a bit bizarre, but never the less, the cause for which both parties are advocating is a worthy one.

Jägermeister and Hall of Famer Freddie Roach have banded together for a project entitled “A Bother in your Corner”. The project will be a competition in which both Roach and Jägermeister will challenge consumers to share their experiences of living by the “Jäger code”. The competition will challenge contestants to exhibit how strong their bonds are within their brotherhoods. Roach knows these bonds all too well.  Roach stated “Jägermeister’s “A Brother in Your Corner” competition challenges everyone to step up and show how strong their bonds are within their brotherhoods. I know these bonds well, as I believe I have lived by this code throughout my entire career in boxing. I have been fortunate to train 31 world champions yet I feel it is not always about the win. It’s about always being in their corner and having their back.”

Jägermeister, for its part, wants it’s consumers to be aware of responsible consumption, and when enough is enough. Amanda Blanco, who is the VP of Marketing for the Jägermeister brand stated “Social responsibility is extremely important to the Jägermeister brand and to Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc. We are proud to partner with Freddie Roach to launch the pioneering ‘A Brother in Your Corner’ program which was developed to promote responsible consumption.  We intend to effectively communicate the power of knowing when you’ve had enough and it’s better to sit a round out.”

In May of 2012, Jägermeister unveiled the “Stronger Bond” advertising campaign in the United States, which was aimed at the 21-29 male demographic. During this campaign, Jägermeister brought together seven men who were considered to be unequaled in their perspective crafts to form the ultimate bond. Freddie Roach, the trainer of 31 former world champions, was picked by Jägermeister to be one of those seven men. Roach, as a member of the bond, was expected to embody the untamed edge of Jägermeister and also to be part of a group whose success relies on their strong bonds with others. This code makes up one of the major social components of the Jägermeister brand.

The “Brother in your Corner” competition begins February 19th and runs for eight weeks. Each week, two entrants will advance to the final round. One entrant will be advance due to popular vote while the other will be a wildcard pick. The wildcard pick is, of course, intended to be a reference to Freddie Roach’s Wildcard Gym in Los Angeles.  Those who advance in the competition due to popular vote will receive boxing memorabilia signed by Roach.

The grand prize of the competition will consist of a trip to Las Vegas with three friends where they will receive a private training lesson and dine with the Hall of Fame trainer himself. In addition, they will also receive boxing tickets and obtain VIP access to the weekends most high-profile events and parties. The grand prize winner for the “Brother in your Corner” competition will be hand-selected by Roach, and will be announced the week of April 21st.

For official rules and details on how to enter, visit www.jagercode.com or www.facebook.com/JagerUSA. You must be 21 years old to enter. Open to all United States Residents. No purchase necessary.

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