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Lara: ‘I will take Canelo to Cuban school’

Photos: Naoki Fukuda/Ring TV

Photos: Naoki Fukuda/Ring TV

Already in Las Vegas to wrap up his training camp for the biggest fight in his career, Erislandy Lara was brimming with confidence at his open media workout.

After Canelo Alvarez defeated Alfredo Angulo in March, Lara crashed the post-fight press conference and confronted the Mexican star. After Canelo’s response, the Cuban fighter was surprised to hear that Canelo had accepted the fight with him.

“Originally I thought he would never take the fight because I confronted him in person and he said, ‘No this is not how you make fights,'” Lara said. “Then after the fans saw that he was ducking me on Twitter, he had no choice but to be a man and take the challenge.”

Lara maintains that he is going to give Canelo a boxing lesson. There is no doubt in his mind that he will get his hand raised on July 12.

“It means everything to me. For me to demonstrate to the world that I’m not just better than him, but that I’m 150 percent better than him, means everything to me,” Lara said. “Like I said before, I’m going to take him to Cuban school.”

Recently, Canelo said that Lara was scared and trembling when he confronted him. Lara says this couldn’t be further from the truth and even says the Mexican fighter is insecure.

“He’s talking nonsense. He knows I’m not scared of anyone so he’s trying to pump himself up to make him believe that I’m scared of him,” Lara said. “The fact is he’s a very insecure fighter who knows he’s going to lose. For him to say these things is a bad sign for him. He’s lost and confused.”

Alvarez decided not to fight for Lara’s interim WBA middleweight title. While he claims that the title means nothing, Lara says the real reason Canelo did this is because he can’t make the 154-lb limit.

“Canelo can’t make the weight so he refused to fight for the title,” Lara said. “It’s very disrespectful and my motivation to beat him has increased because of it.”

Finally, Lara is so confident he will come out victorious that he also discussed who he is looking to fight after Canelo. To the surprise of no one, it’s the same man every fighter from 147-154 is gunning for.

“Right now my focus is on Canelo and once I beat him then I’ll be looking at other options,” Lara said. “For sure 100 percent I want Floyd Mayweather after this fight. He’s considered the best fighter in the world and I want to be the first one to dethrone him.”

Canelo vs Lara takes place on July 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Showtime PPV.

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