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Maidana to Floyd: Fight like a man!

Photo: Esther Lin / Showtime

Photo: Esther Lin / Showtime

Marcos Maidana made waves by challenging Floyd Mayweather to ‘fight like a man’, this week and the undercard fighters held open workouts in the lead up to Mayhem: Maidana/Mayweather II on September 13, 2014 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Maidana’s comment, which briefly was a topic on Yahoo’s! main page, occurred while Maidana was being asked about Mayweather having an advantage in the rematch and how he himself will approach part II.

“For the second fight he can come out differently, have a different game plan. I’m not gonna change. I’m gonna come and I’m gonna put the pressure on and I’m going to try to force him to fight. I’m hoping that he doesn’t start running like a little b*tch all over the ring.”

The Argentine, who will himself be in his first rematch, with this being Mayweather’s second career rematch, went on while first taking part in a conference call with media, then with media present at his workout.

“I’m preparing for anything. I hope that he stands and fights but if he’s going to run like a little b*tch, I’m going to have to chase him.”

Maidana mentioned that he thought he won the first fight. One judge had their May 5 bout even, with the two others leaning towards Mayweather. Maidana seems to think Mayweather will not wish to engage much in bout II.

“I’m going to do my job. I’m going to come and fight. I want him to come and fight. To stand and fight like a man. Don’t be a little b*tch like a woman running around. Fight like a man. Stand and fight like a man!”

Trainer Robert Garcia was on hand and spoke of his work with Maidana heading into September, as well as what he saw in the replay of the May 5 fight.

Marcos Maidana

“Training camp has been going great. We have been doing more sparring and working on keeping a distance between him and Floyd. I think that was the biggest thing that we needed to work on after seeing film of the first fight. He needed to not be so aggressive to ensure that he is fresh for all 12 rounds.”

Garcia didn’t like Mayweather’s comments on the four day, six-city nationwide tour for the fight.  Garcia was very verbal from the opening New York portion of the fight, and by the last leg of the tour in Los Angeles, Garcia had pre-prepared notes in hand when it was his turn on the microphone.

“I don’t like the way that Floyd talks about my fighter. On the media tour he was telling everyone that my fighter fights like an MMA fighter and was constantly disrespecting him and I didn’t appreciate that.”


On the undercard WBC Super Bantamweight titlist Leo Santa Cruz will defend his title.

The young action fighter is feeling the pressure of the boxing biz as his career continues a North type direction, and uses it to fuel himself.

“I feel as if I have a target on my back. There is added pressure for me in all of my fights because I am becoming a household name. At the same time though, it means that I am doing something right and my hard work is paying off. People want to fight me and take away my title. It keeps me mentally and physically strong at all times. Before, I was the one looking for them, now they are looking for me.”

Another title defense takes place as Miguel Vasquez faces TMT’s Mickey Bey in an IBF lightweight bout.

Miguel Vasquez

Vasquez acknowledges Bey’s skills and feels his experience will be a factor in the fight.

“I have a lot of experience going into to this fight against Mickey Bey, but you always have to work hard. It doesn’t matter to me that we are fighting in Bey’s backyard; I have fought in many different places and overcome various obstacles. I always come out on top.”

Fresh off a Fight of the Year candidate against Lucas Matthysse, California’s John Molina is featured on the card and will face veteran Humberto Soto.

“I have seen many of Soto’s previous fights. He is a seasoned veteran and a hell of a fighter. Believe it or not, when I first turned pro he was already at the top tier of the game and was the main event at a fight of mine. When I walked into the room I was like ‘wow that’s Humberto Soto’, but it shows that I have paid my dues and to me he is like any other fighter once I step into the ring.

Molina also spoke on the Matthysse fight and how he will approach the September fight.

“I haven’t felt any ill effects from the [Matthysse] fight except for the bad taste in my mouth. The competitor in me wants to come out victorious in each fight. Physically, I feel very strong and prepared going into this next fight. The stage is set for this fight and we will be a great appetizer for everyone to enjoy leading up to the main event.

“I never look at an opponent as someone that I need to knock out or beat impressively. All I can control is how I perform and what I do best is to fight a good fight. Whether I win decisively or by knockout, as long as I get the victory and give the fans what they want to see is all I care about.’’

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