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Mayweather fending off distractions

Photo: Esther Lin / Showtime

Photo: Esther Lin / Showtime

Floyd Mayweather is prone to controversy, especially in the lead up to his mega bouts in Las Vegas, so it was no surprise that the very first question thrown at the best boxer on the planet during an international media teleconference involved his years’ long feud with former friend/business associate 50 Cent.

As another chapter was written in their saga, this time involving an ALS ice bucket challenge inspired contest from 50 Cent for Mayweather to read literature in order for the artist to donate $750,000, this question was posed to the welterweight champion.

“Do you think that 50 Cent crossed the line by suggesting that you have trouble reading in that Instagram video that he posted?”

The question couldn’t have been more direct, and after Mayweather attempted to redirect towards the actual fight occurring next week but a 50 Cent themed follow up question was asked.

After mentioning his accomplishments are rated by what he does in the boxing ring and not his reading level, as well as throwing in that boxers are required to read off teleprompters ad nauseam for pay-per-view fights such as ‘Mayhem’ on September 13, Mayweather dropped 50’s name in response, made a correct assessment of people who make fun of people who can’t read, and took a dig of his own.

“Making fun of a person because they can’t read is not funny. It’s tragic. Second, if I really couldn’t read it would make my accomplishments even that much more amazing. I don’t know if 50 Cent is a boxing promoter, I don’t know if he’s making music; I really don’t know. My focus is on Floyd Mayweather, and I wish 50 Cent nothing but the best.

Mayweather was then asked another ‘outside the ring’ type question, directed towards a New York radio spot that surfaced of the two-time Forbes highest paid athlete struggling mightily to read an advertisement.

The Las Vegas based pugilist commented that he is a perfectionist, which is why he stop over and over again to get the advertisement correct, that a person with a schedule like his may have been up for over 24 hours when he did the spot, and that he did just fine at an Awards show recently.

“I’m going strong and I’m happy. We talk about that situation, but there’s plenty of videos out there just showing me reading teleprompters and reading other things. When I was at the ESPY’s I had to read a teleprompter. I’m pretty sure you guys thought I did an okay job. Like I said before, I’m not a news anchor, never claimed to be. What I do for a living, I’m a boxer, but I didn’t get to where I got to not being able to write, read and do arithmetic, and I’m going to say this once again, intelligence and education are two totally different things.”

There was then another question that was asked before any questions were asked about Mayweather lacing up against Maidana for the second time in only his second career rematch, and he was asked how he deals with all the distractions that seem to bubble to the surface every time he fights.

Mayweather workout

“Well, like I said before, that’s small to me. I’m truly blessed to be where I’m at. I try not to focus on that type of stuff. My job is to focus on my children, make sure my children and my family are in the best position, and stay focused upon my craft, which is boxing. Nothing can steer me the wrong way; I don’t focus on everything, it’s why I don’t focus on clown stuff. Like I said before, that’s for the circus. My job is to stay focused on boxing. I got to where I got to by being smart, making smart moves, and doing what’s best for Floyd Mayweather.”

As the interview wound down, yet another outside the ring question came up, although it had to do with walking into the ring, and Mayweather’s penchant for having famous friends alongside in his walk to battle.

“Will you let us in to who’s going to walk you out or anything this time, because it’s rumored from another Bieber sighting to even Miley Cyrus walking you out this time.”

Mayweather wisely held back in his retort.

“I don’t like to let the cat out of the bag yet. In fact, if I tell you everything you guys wouldn’t have to watch the fight. So I won’t tell you everything. I want you guys to buy pay-per-view and watch the fight.”

Alongside a recently filed domestic violence suit by ex-fiancé ‘Miss Jackson’, the appearance of Alex Ariza during training making boxing headlines, as well as numerous Twitter and Instagram posts, it’s safe to say there are just about as many things going on outside the ring leading up to September 13 as there are punches being thrown onto mitts and heavy bags in training.

But that’s par for the course for Floyd Mayweather, right?

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