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Mayweather-Maidana hits New York City

Photos: Amanda Kwok/Showtime

Photos: Amanda Kwok/Showtime

The nationwide press tour for the Floyd Mayweather/Marcos Maidana rematch kicked off today, starting in New York’s Times Square.

All the usual industry heads were present, from CEO of Mayweather Promotions’ Leonard Ellerbe, to Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza, and Golden Boy Promotions representative Eric Gomez to provide the essential information on both fighters, which included ticket prices that start at $350.00 up to $1,600.00.

Mayweather was his usual braggadocio self, donning white pants and a black shirt with a menacing ‘Mayhem’ looking dog, (see what I did there?) and made mention of his diamond studded Gucci belt, high-end sunglasses, blinged out chain and the notion that he will pocket $70 million for the rematch.

By far the most interesting part of Mayweather’s usual flashy and heavy-lipped tirades and ‘hard-work, dedication’ chants was the ‘Moment’ (see what I did there, again?) where he personally offered up a bet of however much Maidana’s purse would be for the fight.

SHO_Mayweather_Maidana-0028Mayweather grabbed a piece of paper from a press kit or what have you, signed his name on it and placed it in front of the seated Maidana.

“OK, I got something better than that for you, since I know I’m probably making about $70 million.

“He believes in his skills and I believe in my skills. So however much you’re making for the fight, I’ll bet you I’ll beat you. That’s how much I believe in myself because I can afford to give up whatever.

“So if you believe in your skills like you say you believe in your skills, however much you’re making for the fight, I’ll bet I beat you. Bet the fight! If he believes in his skills bet the fight. Bet the fight!”

“Either you’re gonna bet or you’re not, either shit or get off the pot,” said Mayweather. Maidana gave no reaction, ignoring Mayweather as best a person can ignore someone who is inches away from them.

Maidana, who was suited in white and sporting hipster-type frames, kept his quotes short and sweet.

“I think I deserved this rematch. Without a doubt, we’re going to prove who won the first fight in this rematch,” which will be shown in movie theatres nationwide.

It was trainer Robert Garcia (Mayweather made mention that he’s been ‘a champion since your trainer was a champion’) who made the most waves by speaking on ‘glove-gate’, regarding the controversial issue that popped up in fight I and what’s going to happen regarding that issue in fight  II.

“You’re going to have to ask Mayweather personally,” said Garcia, who mentioned that he has been asked about this ad nauseam and he himself has no answer.

Mayweather reportedly laid down seven-figures for Maidana to not use a certain pair of commission pre-approved gloves and instead went with another pair at the request of the Mayweather camp.

The Washington  D.C. portion of the press conference is currently on delay pending weather, with both camps reportedly still in New York.

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