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Mayweather, Pacquiao in Vegas

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

On Tuesday, both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather made their arrivals into Las Vegas, as the two fighters are only days away from their mega-fight at the MGM Grand.

Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KOs) arrived first, as he flew into Vegas early in the morning and made his way to the Mandalay Bay’s ballroom to meet with the fans and media.  It was a gathering that was put together at the last minute, after Top Rank’s Bob Arum initially said they would not take part in the usual “Grand Arrival” festivities.

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Fortunately for Pacquiao’s fans, they managed to change their minds, though they opted to skip the arrival ceremony at the MGM Grand.

“What we are doing in training is very good because we’re not focusing on one strategy. We’re working on two or three strategies. Either way, if he wants to fight me that’s good for me and if he wants to move around the ring I’m ready for that,” said Pacquiao.

“My confidence right now is different than any other fight I’ve had,” added Pacquiao. “I feel excited and I have to prove something. I like being the underdog, because my killer instinct and my focus are there.”

Fight fans are already quite familiar with Mayweather’s proclamation that “47 have tried and 47 have failed” but Pacquiao had his own response.

“I’m different than the first 47 he fought. I’m faster than them and I’m very confident for the fight. This is the moment that I believe he will experience a loss.”

Photo: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

Photo: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

Mayweather (47-0, 16 KOs) made his arrival later in the afternoon, as he made his way to the MGM’s Grand Garden Arena, where a huge stage was setup.  Speaking to a huge crowd, Mayweather continued to avoid any real trash talking and was all business.

“I don’t have anything negative to say about Manny Pacquiao or Freddie Roach. People from different teams can say things, but when it comes down to it, it comes down to the two fighters,” said Mayweather.

“One thing everybody plans for is to come forward and throw a lot of punches,” said Mayweather in relation to his opponents’ strategies.. They think it works, but it hasn’t worked in 19 years. If that’s his game plan, then we’ll just have to see how everything breaks down.”

Mayweather again reiterated that Pacquiao’s style was reckless, despite it getting him to where he is today.


“Pacquiao would be a better fighter if he wasn’t so reckless,” explained Mayweather. “It’s a gift and a curse. He’s won a lot of fights by being reckless. But also being reckless can get you knocked out. Getting knocked out in a harsh way can affect you in the long run.”

As both fighters closed out their respective arrivals, they had one thing left to say.

“Saturday, before and after the fight, I will still be The Best Ever. One fight doesn’t define my career. The great thing about my career is that I’m a smart businessman. A 19-year career with no punishment on the body, that’s what we should talk about,” said Mayweather.

Added Pacquiao, “This is one of the most important fights for my boxing legacy. I want to make this fight a good result for my legacy. I want to win, that is my goal.”

The final press conference will take place on Wednesday afternoon, and 3MoreRounds will have a live stream.

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