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Mayweather says Maidana a dirtier fighter than Cotto

Photos: Tom Hogan/GBP

Photos: Tom Hogan/GBP

The second press conference for ‘Mayhem’ took place in the late night hours in Washington, D.C., after both fighter’s camps were grounded in New York due to weather conditions.

Still, there was plenty of mud being spewed out on both ends as the fighters threw more fuel to the fire in what had to be a record for latest boxing press conference ever.

In front of a few hundred fans and media still around when the fighters finally got to the press conference, Floys Mayweather assessed Marcos Maidana’s status in comparison to prior opponents, as well as some dirty tactics thrown his way by Maidana in fight I.

“Is Maidana a better fighter than Canelo? No. Cotto? No. He’s just a dirtier fighter. I didn’t get a deep gash from a punch; I got it from a head butt…First they [Team Maidana] want to use gloves with no padding, and then they want to use knees, elbows and everything else. My back is always against the wall with Team Maidana.”

Maidana, who posted a hilarious selfie of himself on Twitter with Mayweather in the background, defended himself and stated it was Mayweather who was bending the rules in fight I.


“I fight dirty? He’s the king of the elbows,” said Maidana.

Both camps should be commended, as the Washington D.C. portion of the press conference could have been scrapped altogether. Mayweather reportedly stuck around even later to fulfill picture/autograph requests.

“Everybody that stayed, you guys are amazing fans,” said Mayweather,

“I commend everyone that stayed, you are amazing fans. D.C., I love you guys.”

Press conferences are planned today in Chicago and Texas.

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  1. Ramon Aranda

    July 16, 2014 at 7:45 am

    That selfie is funny!

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