3 More Rounds

Melindo escapes with majority decision

In what should have been a work-out, stay-busy fight for Milan Melindo, he merely gained an MD 12 by failing to overwhelm a boxer with an uninspiring 11-5-2 record.

Looking better than the “No. 5 ranked challenger for the WBO International flyweight title”, Martin Tecuapetla pressed the action all night and basically controlled the pace of the fight.

While “El Metodico” looked like his usual self early on and in flashes, hitting at will when he decides to load up, he was still forced to the ropes too many times and for too long, where “Diablo” seemed to exclusively do his damage. Tecuapetla was eating Melindo’s otherwise methodical punches all night, but tiring him with pressure, he unexpectedly and ultimately narrowed the gap from early on.

The first half of the bout might be passable for Melindo’s party, if viewed as a six-round exhibition, but the trinket on the line forced this to be a 12-rounder. He was instead forced to go six more, in which some would say he was a little bit exposed– just like how people get exposed when staying out in the heat for too long.

That party of Melindo (31-1, 12 KOs) indicated after the fight that he was “gassed” as his opponent “kept coming at him”. The Guadalajara fighter did show incredible stamina in only his first twelve-round outing ever.

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