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Mikey Garcia: A Future Pound for Pound Titlist

Photos by Chris Farina / Top Rank

Obviously and understandably overshadowed by Orlando Salido’s miraculous repeat KO victory over Juan Ma Lopez last weekend was the birth of a bona fide contender, future titleholder and beyond, in California’s Mikey Garcia.

Garcia, (28-0, 24KO) stopped journeyman Bernabe Concepcion, a TKO after seven rounds in what was his third consecutive knockout victory in the semi-main event on the Showtime card from Puerto Rico.

The future is brighter than Obama’s repeat victory hopes for the 24 year old Oxnard native, and this writer is going to flash forward to 2013.

This is what we’ll see in 2013:

Mikey Garcia a multi-division title winner on the mythical pound for pound list, most definitely in the last five spots, and hey, perhaps even top five.

Your read it here first on 3MoreRounds, folks.

Part of what’s criticized about Garcia is his slow starts and over-calm demeanor inside the ring, and despite multiple appearances on both the Showtime and HBO networks and stoppage victories, Garcia isn’t exactly the highlight reel type that some would like to see.

But that’s exactly what is going to lead him to the highest levels of the sport!

Take last year: Victor Ortiz got his shot at the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. and actually fared decent inside the first four sets of three minutes, only to have a mental lapse of judgment that found him frustrated and head butting Mayweather’s lip, and we all know what happened from there.

Ortiz could have used a bit of Garcia’s poise and cool in the ring that night in September. Once on the grand stage, its obvious that experience in mega fights generally takes over, and if it’s your first time in the belly of the beast that is a pay per view, mega type, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali sitting ringside type of fight, one needs to rely on keeping one’s head cool and focusing on a game plan.

Garcia has had no such trouble in his 28 professional bouts, being trained by his brother; the top rated Robert Garcia, and executes every game plan with precision that has led him to where he is currently, and will be in the following years.

Fighting in the 125’s, Garcia will no doubt soon start to decorate his waist with belts, and of course travel up in weight to pursue the larger and more difficulty challenges he can get himself into.

Garcia reportedly stayed on the island of Puerto Rico this week, taking in a vacation with his family fresh off his great win.

That’s a good thing, because he has a heck of a future ahead of him.


  1. nameless

    March 16, 2012 at 9:03 am

    I don’t know about that, first off, since when did Bernabe Concepcion became a journeyman? 6 losses including a dq and a SD hardly make him one.

    And who has Mikey Garcia fought anyway? I think Ponce De Leon, Orlando Salido and Yuriorkis Gamboa beats him easy at this time… Garcia’s jab is great, as well as his power but he is too flat-footed and slow… really, those three would eat him alive right now, not to mention Caba is still there and of course, Juanma can still fight. Believe me, if their last fights will be winner against winner (Salido vs. Garcia) he’ll end up KO’d probably by being gassed.
    He should start at Chris John on his search for greatness IMHO.

    I’ll give you props if he cracks the Top Ten P4P next year but right now, it’s really delusional…

  2. haha

    March 16, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Ha-ha! Mikey boy will keep looking good if he keeps cherrypicking his opponents. Let’s not forget that he ducked Farenas at the last minute in favor of the easier-to-beat Concepcion. Mikey is too robotic, slow and predictable to the elite fighters. Until he faces tough opponents, his jaw is suspect..

    • nameless

      March 17, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      Oh yeah, agreed, even his handlers admitted they DUCKED Farenas… they got scared LOL

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