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Misplaced Anger: The Controversy Over Mayweather Press Credentials

Photos: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Photos: Chris Farina / Top Rank


The proverbial hot air emanating from the sports blogosphere at this moment has reached unmatched heights as we are mere hours away from the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao super fight. The latest faux-scandal is the topic of press credentials reportedly being pulled for Michelle Beadle and Rachel Nichols, two journalists who have previously criticized resident-boxing thug Floyd Mayweather for his history of domestic abuse. Mayweather’s camp, who is in charge of the promotion for the fight, has denied these claims. Twitter and the blogosphere are up in arms and it’s all an indication of America’s desire to jump on social-media scandals while ignoring real outrage.

Bluntly, the issue of Rachel Nichols’ free tickets to a boxing match is a small issue. Mayweather’s people run the promotion and they have the right to oversee who gets in and who doesn’t. It’s not ideal and no one should think that Mayweather is doing the right thing. Be angry, sure, but the level of vitriol has reached comical heights.
Some will say this is absurd, that Mayweather is trying to squelch freedom of speech, etc, etc.

This is boxing. It’s not global affairs. The most recent release of the World Press Freedom Index, an annual report published by Reports Without Borders on each nation’s respect for press freedom, is deserving of such outrage. We’re talking about a document which outlines reporter’s being maimed, imprisoned or killed for reporting on real and pertinent issues. In its most recent index the report highlighted the decline in press freedom within the United States.

That’s an issue that deserves anger.

Instead, the majority of those trading barbs on Twitter over this event choose to ignore issues which matter for the sake of following the latest slacktivist trend. Mayweather is a villain and not deserving of anyone’s praise, but let’s get our priorities straight: A free ticket for Michelle Beadle is a minor cause to champion.

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