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Muhammad Ali Leads Research Initiative for Parkinson’s Disease Cure

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who has Parkinson’s disease, has teamed up with 23andMe (a leading personal genetics company) to enroll 10,000 individuals with Parkinson’s disease to participate in research.  Individuals in this online community are helping to advance research in Parkinson’s by completing online surveys and sharing their genetic data with researchers. 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Disease Research Initiative also serves as a community for individuals and families affected by the disease to connect with each other.

With Muhammad Ali participating along with more than 6,500 other individuals who have Parkinson’s, 23andMe now has the world’s largest cohort of Parkinson’s patients participating in research.

“It’s an honor to have Muhammad and Lonnie Ali join our Parkinson’s Disease Research Initiative,” said Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe, “Muhammad is a legend and it’s wonderful to have him helping us pioneer a novel, consumer-driven approach to research.  By bringing thousands of individuals together online, we hope to make significant discoveries that will impact Muhammad’s life and others with Parkinson’s.”

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