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Bradley: I Have the Tools to Compete with Pacquiao

Photos by Chris Farina / Top Rank

What would it mean if Timothy Bradley actually beat Manny Pacquiao on June 9?

The unbeaten junior welterweight addressed that very question earlier today at the Beverly Hills press conference to officially announce their welterweight bout.

“That means that I am the best fighter in the world,” replied Bradley without blinking an eye. “June 9th, the best fighter in the world, hands down. Manny Pacquiao has displayed his greatness over the last seven years and it’s time for a new face in boxing and I truly believe that’s me.”

Manny Pacquiao will defend his WBO welterweight crown and number one pound for pound ranking when he faces off against Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Tickets ranging from $1200 to $200.will go on sale this Friday and are expected to go fast. The fight will be televised via HBO PPV.

The former two-time junior welterweight champ, Bradley, is moving up in weight to face Pacquiao but believes the move will only benefit him. “I believe that’s one of my strength,” said Bradley, 28. “Fighting at 140 I do have to come down in weight a little bit and lose a little strength in a fight, but I think now fighting at 147 pounds; I think that I am comfortable at that weight. I am walking around at 165 pounds right now.”

Indeed the challenger looked like a bigger man, at least during the press conference. “I am way bigger, way bigger,” continued Bradley. “Muscle density, just strong. I know he checked me out. I know he sized me up. He was probably looking for weaknesses in my body, but I don’t think he has seen any.”

With a Greek god-like physique, the fighter known as ‘Desert Storm’ is impressive and might even be intimidating to some, but physicality does not win fights; skills and determination are the main ingredients for success in a fight.

Bradley strikes a pose for Pacquiao's photo

“I have the tools to compete with Pacquiao,” continued Bradley. “At the end of the day, I think that the only advantage that he probably has on me is his power. He is a big puncher. He is dangerous any time or at any point in that ring.”

Asked about Pacquiao’s speed, Bradley also touched on that subject.

“Manny is pretty quick,” replied Bradley. “He is a fast guy. I am pretty quick myself, but Manny I think, he might be a little bit quicker that I am. Manny Pacquiao, he is quick, but he places his shots very well. He is very accurate with his punches.”

An accurate assessment of Pacquiao, Bradley thinks he’ll be able to compete with all of that.

“My defense is good enough to deal with anybody’s power,” replied Bradley. “I feel that I’ll be able to isolate him with my good defense and my feet as well.”

Bradley and Pacquiao were involved in shooting a commercial for the upcoming event. Timothy was asked to share his thoughts on that.

“It was pretty funny, because you never see Manny mean or mad,” replied Bradley. “It was pretty funny to stand away from him and to look him eye to eye and see this mean face. And I just laughed. I just had to laugh because I am like, ‘that’s Manny Pacquiao, this dude he wouldn’t even hurt a fly’, but I know it’s different once he steps foot in that ring.”

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