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Mark Wahlberg Confirms The Fighter 2 in the Works

On the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards, which airs tonight on Spike TV, Mark Wahlberg told the audience that he is planning on making ‘The Fighter 2′.

The original film, which was released last year, took a look at the early years of the now-retired “Irish” Micky Ward, which came away with 2 Oscars earlier this year.

Critics praised the movie but fight fans panned the exclusion of the Gatti-Ward trilogy, which came at the end of Ward’s career.

During Wahlberg’s speech, in which he netted the ‘Guy Movie of the Year Award’, the actor said, “we left out the Arturo Gatti fights for a reason, cause that’s for ‘Fighter 2′”. We’re not gonna do ‘Fighter 4′, ’5′, ’6′, ’7′ and ’8′, but we’re going to do ’2′, we’re going to do the Ward-Gatti trilogy.”

Below is a video of Wahlberg’s acceptance speech, in which he discusses the sequel.

Mark Wahlberg Thanks The Troops, Talks “The Fighter 2″ Plans
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