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No regrets for Mayweather about timing

Photos: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

Photos: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

When Floyd Mayweather steps into the ring on May 2 to face Manny Pacquiao in this generation’s biggest fight, it will happen without any regrets from Mayweather as it pertains to how long it’s taken to get to this point.

“Everything in life is about timing. I have no regrets that this fight didn’t take place five years ago,” explained Mayweather during his media day workout on Tuesday. “I didn’t think it was that big then, but it continued to get bigger and bigger. Not just in boxing, but outside of the sport. Pacquiao has continued to grow outside of the sport. We didn’t need to rush anything.”

While the fight looked to be at its peak in 2009/10, with both fighters looking invisible, the mega-fight appeared to be headed to no-man’s land as negotiations continually stalled. However, with the fight now set to take place in a little over two weeks, Floyd feels it’s finally time.

“The timing for this fight is right. This fight is about legacy, fans and family. I surround myself with all of the right people,” said Mayweather. “I can’t say that this matchup is about hype. This is real life. This is two future Hall of Famers in a mega-fight.


Floyd and Manny are certainly two fighters with very different fighting styles. Mayweather has remained boxing’s best with a mixture of speed, accuracy, ring-smarts and unbelievable defensive skills. Pacquiao meanwhile, has been at his best when using his quick combinations, relentless pressure, power and tenacity. Floyd however, feels that Manny’s aggression is reckless.

“This is going to be an exciting fight. Our styles are totally different. He is very, very reckless. Every move I make is calculated. I’m always 5-10 steps ahead of my opponent,” declared Mayweather.

“Pacquiao is strong and solid but I don’t know if he can make adjustments like I can. I feel tremendous.”

Though Floyd has shown very little signs of slippage, outside of getting hit more often against Miguel Cotto and against Marcos Maidana in their first fight, Pacquiao is more open to get hit, though his chin has stood up, except in his fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, where he was knocked out cold. The last time Mayweather was hit with a clean shot that got him in trouble was in his fight with Zab Judah years ago.

“Anyone can get hit with a great shot, but I can make more adjustments and Manny can’t,” explained Mayweather. “We’ll see what happens when the fight starts. But when all is said and done I’m going to be the winner.”

During his media workout, Mayweather looked focused as usual and ready to go.


“My training camp is basically running the same way. I think it has been smoother than others. I feel very comfortable and happy with my performances. They push me hard at camp. They know what I need.”

There will be many guesses to how the fight will eventually play out, but there’s one thing that’s certain – the fight will be the richest prizefight in history and the world will indeed be watching.

“I’ve done record breaking numbers before and it looks like we’re going to do it again,” added Mayweather.

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