3 More Rounds

Off-TV results from the StubHub Center

In the night’s opener, Eric Brown, (6-0, 6KO) notched a 2nd round KO against Jose Maruffo. Brown downed Maruffo and the fight was waived off by the referee at 1:48 of the second frame.

Leo Chavez looked impressive against a willing yet limited Jair Quintero. Chavez, (4-1, 3KO) knocked down Quintero at the end of the second round, which was ruled a slip by referee Jack Reiss. Chavez ended up with the decision anyways by the scores of 58-56 across all three judges cards.

Abraham Lopez won a four round UD against Joann Valenzuela by the score of 40-36 times three.

Tokan Kahn Clary remained undefeated in his super featherweight contest against Jonathan Perez. A left hook at the end of round six ended matters in explosive fashion with Clary scoring his 10th KO in 17 fights with one draw.

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  1. Bob Bradley

    June 27, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Once again, glory is snatched from the jaws of victory for Tim Bradley because of odd decision making by an official. This time by the referee, who ‘thought he heard the bell’ ending the fight, stopping Vargas from using the last few seconds to score an ‘apparently’ sure knockdown or knockout. So the loser of round after round to a far more capable fighter/ boxer gets to claim the ref snatched his victory from the jaws of defeat. Would that Tim had that added power snap at the end of his punches, so as to shut up the naysayers, who, knowing little about boxing, don’t or won’t see his superiority and give him the credit due him.
    Speculation as to whether or not Bradley would have been knocked out can have nowhere near the weight of precedence, repeated performances in which Bradley has been hit as hard and harder by Provodnikov and others, stayed standing and went on to win. That, together with the technique he employed to stay up, that he was more than clear-headed enough to describe, precisely, short minutes after being stunned, lends no small benefit of the doubt that he would have survived. Tim did make the mistake of complacency, assuming his opponent was finished, leaning into him as he was coming in with an overhand right, exponential momentum delivering the only decisive blow Vargas was able to manage the whole night. If there’s a rematch and if Tim stays diligent throughout, he’ll win again. But fans needn’t worry about being bored by consistency, for surely something bizarre will happen, once again snatching glory from a Bradley victory. Whatever happens from here on out, one hopes Tim can take satisfaction not only from well earned wealth but from the solid respect he can count on from true boxing aficionados. If you read this, Tim, super kudos on a terrific career and thanks for always giving us boxing expertise entertainment amounting to more than our money’s worth.

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