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Opinion: Rios Will Be Back And We Should Pay No Mind

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Author’s Note: I guess I should state that these views represent my very-jaded mind and not those of 3MoreRounds.

On November 7th torpid sloth turned prizefighter Brandon Rios announced his retirement after having his ass handed to him over the course of nine rounds by Timothy Bradley Jr in a “welterweight” fight. The cobbled together retirement should come as no surprise. Rios was woefully overweight, listless during the actual fight and seemingly nonchalant in defeat. Rios was seemingly more interested in collecting his 800k purse than actually participating in an athletic contest. This apparent disregard for both self and sport should also be reason why no observer takes Brandon Rios retirement seriously. He’ll be back and no one should care.

Brandon Rios’ career has long been a journey of highs and lows. The Brandon Rios of 2009-2011 was a hungry, vicious participant who was must-watch TV. Rios was, at times, vulnerable but never not-dangerous. His heart and hunger guaranteed a worthwhile fight whether it was a mismatch or a back-and-forth affair, as seen during his 2011 thriller against Miguel Acosta.

Those efforts brought him to the pinnacle of the sport. His thrilling first two fights with Mike Alvarado will always be appreciated by fight fans for the pure carnal delight that it provided. Those efforts earned him a lucrative payday against Manny Pacquiao, which was rightfully deserved.

However, for all those positives, there were also troubling signs: a woeful attempt at making weight against Richard Abril, routine bouts of inactivity and consistent reminders on social media that Rios allowed himself to balloon up in between fights.

Those warning signs peaked on Saturday when Rios’ lumbered his flabby body into the ring for a ritual execution at the hands of the chiseled Bradley. Rios never cared about this fight and that was evident by the fact that he had to punish his body into making 147 before shooting back up 170 within 24 hours. It’s obvious his mind was elsewhere than boxing and spells why he looked for an out with his “retirement”.

But this retirement will not last. They never do. We’ll soon see the press release of how Rios has “re-found his passion” and is ready “to prove himself”. Why? Because poor professional habits lead to poor personal habits. The money issue will surface and Rios will be back. However, until he can prove that he’s actually serious about being a prizefighter, the viewing public should pay no mind.

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