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Plenty on the line for Guerrero and Garcia

Photo: Esther Lin / Showtime

Photo: Esther Lin / Showtime

With the newest promotional entity in boxing entering the year 2016, all eyes are on Premier Boxing Champions to evaluate just where the company had accomplished during its inception in 2015 and where the PBC takes boxing early on and heading forward into the New Year.

Although there are a few smaller boxing cards on the PBC calendar in January, there is no bout bigger that will represent the company than when Danny Garcia faces Robert Guerrero in a welterweight matchup set for downtown Los Angeles on January 23 live on the Fox network.

There is much on the line for the company that represents them both, and even more on the line for each fighter’s careers in the ring after January 23.

Will Guerrero punch his way back into prominence by overwhelming Garcia with a high punch output from a southpaw stance, and will the veteran use his height and reach advantage in order to get the win in what would represent Garcia’s first loss as a professional?

Photo: Suzanne Teresa / PBC

Photo: Suzanne Teresa / PBC

Guerrero has the insight to know that he may be the underdog heading into the bout, but embraces his placement in that category and knows he has been in that situation outside of and inside of the ring, which has only led to multiple titles in multiple divisions in what has been a very respectable fistic career to this point.

“That don’t bother me at all. My whole life I’ve been an underdog, since I was a kid. My family was always an underdog, having to work out of a field and come up strong and get to what where we got. It’s just a way of life for us. A lot of us Latinos out there, that’s the way it is. We come from poverty and work our way to the top. We’ve always been with our back against the wall and always been an underdog. We never look at that being a favorite, we just come and get the job done.”

Guerrero spoke of his recent setbacks in bouts and had had no excuses for his decision loss to Keith Thurman in March 2015, as well as his flat performance against Aaron Martinez three months after the Thurman bout.

Guerrero does acknowledge Garcia’s success in the ring and is looking forward to stepping in against the Puerto Rican fighter next Saturday.

“He’s been in some close fights. That’s the decision of the judges; that’s their job to do that. But, you’re just as good as your last fight. That’s what you look at. He came in and got the job done and stopped him. He cracked the wall through a division. Now it’s time to step in with me and that’s what we’re focusing on. We put a great game plan together and we’re excited to get out there and execute it.”

The fight also represents yet another high profile match up of Puerto Rico vs. Mexico coming off Canelo Alvarez’s decision win over Miguel Cotto in November 2015. Guerrero, a Northern California resident, spoke on the rivalry, known as the hottest in the sport.

“Whether you like it or not it’s a rivalry and it’s been a rivalry in boxing and soccer and you name it for years. That’s what it comes down to, that’s what makes our two cultures so competitive at boxing. It’s because of that rivalry. Mexicans want to be better than Puerto Ricans in the game. In my honest opinion I think Mexicans are better in the game. It’s time to come out and show what I still got left and what I can do.”

Danny “Swift” Garcia is undefeated as a professional and looks to stay that way as he registers another welterweight bout, a division the young fighter is relatively new in. Garcia likes how he feels physically at 147 so far, which could lead to big things in the future as the division is one of the deepest in the sport. A win against Guerrero could be the springboard to higher profile fights against the aforementioned Thurman, a rematch against Amir Khan or a matchup against Adrien Broner later in 2016.

“To be honest with you, I feel a lot better. I’m happier now. When I fought at 140, I was always mean while trying to cut weight. I was never in a good mood. I think that’s why a lot of times I would go in there and just fight.

But now I’m able to think more; I’m able to be a lot smarter. My punches are crispier and my stamina is better. I’m able to run more, run more miles, train harder; more endurance. So I may have had the energy at 140 and do that, so at 147 so I just feel a lot stronger and I have more stamina.”

Garcia is aware of Guerrero and the challenges he represents and is looking to have the best showing possible come fight night.

“I’m looking forward to – I know he’s going to come ready, but we’re ready. I’m looking forward to a challenge. I’ve prepared myself for a challenge every day, day-in and day-out. So I expect nothing but a great fight and a great performance by me.”

[Editor’s Note: The WBC announced on Wednesday that the fight will now be for their welterweight title, due to Floyd Mayweather’s retirement.]

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