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Povetkin-Huck Final Presser Quotes

On Saturday night, Alexander Povetkin will take on Marco Huck in a 12-round heavyweight bout in Stuttgart, Germany.

The final press conference for their showdown took place earlier today and both fighters had plenty to say.

“I prepared in my home city of Chekhov. Working with Alexander Zimin has been very good. There is a good chemistry between us and we get along very well. I am in great shape for Saturday,” said Povetkin.   “I do not like to predict the outcome of a fight. I basically don’t care about being the favorite or the underdog. It is my purpose to be at my best when facing Marco Huck on Saturday and to make the fight attractive for all the fans that are going to watch it. Of course it is my goal to win.”

Huck, for his part described his move up to heavyweight.

“I had a good camp. The sparring sessions helped me to build a lot of confidence. I also expected the training for this fight to be a bit different compared to my latest title defenses at cruiserweight. However, to be honest, there was no big change leading up to this bout, at least not training-wise. But the media and fan interest has been gigantic. That was to be expected, though, because we are fighting for the biggest prize in boxing!”

Alexander Povetkin is a versatile boxer. He was not a World Amateur and Olympic Champion for nothing. On top of that, it is very hard to become world champion as a professional,” added Huck. “The fight will live up to its hype and I will be the one standing tall at the end. The man with the bigger will and heart will win and that will be me. This is going to be a fighter’s fight, pure entertainment. A battle in which you have to give everything you got and even more to be victorious. It will be a fight which fans and experts will love to watch.”

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