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Prizefight Preview: Gonzalez vs. Cuadras

Photo: Chris Farina / K2 Promotions

Photo: Chris Farina / K2 Promotions

Welcome 3MR readers to another edition of the Prizefight Preview!!!

This edition will focus on the WBC championship bout between the No. 1 rated Roman Gonzalez and Carlos Cuadras as 3MR will be providing coverage from The Forum in Inglewood, California.  Yes, yes, yes, readers, Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin is fighting earlier in the day with a re-airing coupled with the Gonzalez v. Cuadras bout, but instead of the ‘Big Drama Show’, let’s see what the ‘Little Drama Show’ has in store for us.


Gonzalez, (45-0, 38KO) has only registered six fights that have not ended up in a KO win since his career began in July 2005.  However, ‘Chocolatito’ has been knocking out fighters in the lighter weight divisions and the Nicaraguan is the fighter stepping up in weight to challenge Cuadras.

Cuadras, (35-0-1, 27) has only registered nine fights that have not ended up in a KO win since his career began in 2008.  Although Gonzalez has more KO’s, Cuadras has mainly fought in the super flyweight division, a whole division higher than where Gonzalez has mainly fought, which is the light flyweight division; Gonzalez even fought once in a minimum-weight bout in 2007.

While it may only seem to be a few pounds difference, in the battles between the little yet mighty warriors of the sport is all it takes to gain an advantage.  It will be interesting to see if Gonzalez carries any power up to the super flyweight fight against Cuadras, which will mark Chocolatito’s heaviest weight heading into a fight.




Chocolatito stands at 5’ 3” to Cuadras 5’ 4”, which means Gonzalez boasts the lower center of gravity which may lead to him being swifter of feet in comparison to the title holder Cuadras.  Seem like a stretch?

A lower center of gravity being an advantage in a fight? Well, in some cases its true, 3MR fans!  Remember, this is literally a battle of inches and pounds when speaking of the smaller fisticuff fighters!  This isn’t Klitschko vs. Fury where size and weight aren’t involved!



Going record v. record, its Gonzalez who has logged more fights (45 to 36) and keeping in mind that this is a championship bout, it’s also Gonzalez who has participated in more championship bouts and in fact has fought for some version of a major title since his ninth career bout.  (A 2006 bout against Oscar Murillo for a portion of the WBA title)


So there it is folks, 3MR has it for Gonzalez on fight night.  Don’t agree? Well, simply leave some comments and let us know your thoughts.


Photo: Lawrence LustigLAWRENCE LUSTIG G

Photo: Lawrence Lustig

Okay, okay, okay, we here at 3MR are fans of the ‘Big Drama Show’, so here’s our pick: GGG!  Most have been blinded by the weight advantage that Golovkin will have against Kell Brook, a welterweight champion.  Yet if you work backwards instead of starting with the weight disparity, GGG absolutely dominates in every category except for perhaps speed.  And that’s all people!

Kudos to Brook for stepping up to the challenge as everyone at or near GGG’s weight makes other plans and has for years in coy fashion, yet if the fight goes more than four rounds the entire 3MR staff will be in a state of shock and awe!

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