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Prizefight Preview: Guerrero vs. Berto

Photo by Gene Blevins/Hoganphotos

Hello and welcome loyal 3MR reader to the official Prizefight Preview!

This weekend Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero defends his portion of the WBC welterweight title against Andre Berto in a 147 pound scrap that is a tough call for sports fans and media alike, as both young fighters are already experienced technicians in the ring and aren’t accustomed to losing in the ring much, which such lead to a great fight tomorrow night on HBO Championship Boxing, with a co-feature pitting veteran Carlos Quintana against knockout artist Keith Thurman.

But enough of that, let’s get to it!!!!


In the experience department, rounds and fights aren’t the main issue as Berto has logged 29 career fights to Guerrero’s 32, with both fighters being shown on both of the premium networks of HBO and Showtime in previous fights.

Where experience becomes an issue is in the welterweight division, and out of the two Berto is the card carrier at 147 with all of his fights at that weight or higher, and Guerrero, a career featherweight, made his welterweight debut this past July against Selcuk Aydin.

The Gilroy, California native spoke of this issue himself in the teleconference earlier this week.

Photo: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/GBP

“Aydin did come and take some punches, but he wasn’t a punching bag.  He was a punching wall.  He’s a tough guy, comes in strong, and he was determined to win.  And the one thing that’s hard to sock is a determined man.”

“But Andre Berto, like you said, is obviously a different fighter.  He knows how to make fights.  I’m happy with the style that I bring to the ring, because I can bring a bunch of different stuff to the ring.  And making that adjustment to 147 pounds, I got the breaking in out of the way.”

Guerrero notched a W in the 12 round fight, yet Aydin isn’t known to be a big puncher, so we’ve yet to see Guerrero in with a solid welterweight, which Berto is.

Advantage: Berto


While one could lean towards the smaller framed, stockier Berto as a faster fist thrower, Guerrero isn’t exactly known to be a slouch in the speed department.

However, while Guerrero is the better volume puncher of the two, Berto can crack faster with either hand, as evidenced in his slugfest with Victor Ortiz last year. Berto may get a little wide with his punches, but in an inside affair, look for the Florida native to get there first.

Advantage: Berto


Berto blasts Rodriguez

Once again, Berto will have the upper hand with more career KO’s then Guerrero and against fighters his own size. Guerrero has the opportunity to show us all how he can both take a welterweight punch and give one in what he is hoping to be an even bigger statement at 147 than his 12 round effort against Aydin.

Berto was asked of the difference in punches that Guerrero will be fielding, and remained diplomatic on the subject and acknowledged that anything can happen in-between the ropes.

Like I said, at the end of the day, man, this is boxing.  This is boxing.  At any time, any right punch can land at any right time that can hurt a fighter that you wouldn’t even expect.  So right now, me personally, no, I don’t think he can.  But then again, like I said, it’s a fight game, man.  It’s a fight game, so anything can happen.  We’re looking forward to just going and putting on a good performance.”

For Guerrero to be successful, at least early, he will have to avoid Berto in the outset and see if his chin holds up with Berto’s punches and after he finds that out, it should give us all a better outlook at how the rest of the fight will play out.

Advantage: Berto

Well there you have it folks, 3MR has the edge to Berto, but be watching for the inevitable intangibles to play out, as they always do in the theater of the unexpected. Berto will have to deal with the volume punching, southpaw Guerrero, which could lead to cuts with the southpaw/orthodox pairing, and Berto’s year-plus of inactivity since his last fight (September 2011 against Jan Zaveck W5) may also play a factor in this exciting matchup.

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