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Provodnikov-Algieri Official Scorecards

The picture below describes an age-old boxing debate.

This issue has dumbfounded officials and observers of the sweet science for perhaps as long as the sport itself.

Judging (no pun intended) by the results of the weekend’s big bout, one who missed the fight may be excused for smelling something fishy. Heck, even one who watched the bout can be confused.

However controversial this fight might be, this is not a case of inept judging or even (gulp) home-cooking.

One judge scored the fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY 117-109 for erstwhile WBO light welterweight titleholder Ruslan Provodnikov, and the other two gave the fight 114-112 to Chris Algieri.

Anything from a wide score for the Russian or a close win for the hometown fighter seems viable here (only an extremely dominant first round by Provodnikov prevents a possible wider decision for Algieri, which was 10-7 due to two knockdowns).

To over-simplify and sum it up: Provodnikov landed heavier blows, while Algieri hit him with more punches.

Who should have won?

At that point, any viewer worth his salt, whether fanatically or officially, should look at other things going on inside the squared circle. Technically, from a scoring standpoint, let us always keep in mind the fundamentals: (1) clean punching, (2) effective aggression, (3) ring generalship, and (4) defense.

Most everyone who cares about the sport of boxing will debate this for the next couple of days. Many will neglect the information provided in the above paragraph, as the focus is on the the two ends of the spectrum, on the polar opposites. The image of the official scorecards provided by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) should be as good a starting point as any.

Official Scorecards from the Provodnikov-Algieri Fight (NYSAC)
(Click image for full view.)

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  1. Ramon Aranda

    June 16, 2014 at 12:09 am

    I had it 114-112 for Provodnikov but this fight could’ve gone either way.

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