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Rees defeats Buckland in rematch

Gavin ReesGavin Rees (37-4-1, 18 KOs) said he wanted to end his career on a positive note, and a win over former sparring partner and good friend Gary Buckland in a rematch would be the icing on the cake.

Fortunately for a change in strategy mid-fight against Buckland, proved to be decisive as Rees would come away with a split decision win in Cardiff City.

The fight got off to a hot start, with both fighters trading power punches, essentially picking up where they left off after the first fight. Rees got in some hard hooks that snapped Buckland’s head back and in the second round, lead right hands were the order of the night.  Buckland however, kept the pressure on and he began unloading some punishing hooks to the body.

Rees and Buckland continued firing away, with body shots getting exchanged on the inside that would have wilted lesser men.  A sharp left hook from Buckland busted up Rees’ nose in the fourth round as Buckland’s workload continued to increase.  For a few minutes, it seemed as it Rees was starting to wear down, eating body punches and hooks upstairs.  However, Rees began to make adjustments in the fifth round, as he used upper body movement to avoid Buckland’s heavy blows.  As the fight wore on, Rees slowed the pace of the fight while Buckland grew wilder and increasingly tired.

In the final round, the two again traded punches in another exciting three minutes, but in the end, Rees would come away with the win with scores of 117-113, 117-112 (for Rees) and 116-113 (for Buckland).

“It means the world, I wanted to go out with a victory,” said Rees after the fight. “I enjoyed myself tonight, at least when I was hitting him [Buckland], not when he was hitting me back.”

“I’ve been world champion, I’m getting married this year so I’m happy and I’m ready to walk away into the sunset.”

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