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Review | Aqua Punching Bag


Ever since the sports inception, boxers have slugged away at heavy bags comprising of sand, cloth and padding in preparation for hitting flesh in the squared circle in a sport that is over a century old.

A simple Google search could find pictures of fighters all the way back to Jack Johnson pounding on bags that hang from ceilings and oscillate around in mock-fighter fashion.

Yet a wise man once said the only thing constant in life is change, and that change has begun for the sweet science.

Aqua Bag is the brainchild of Eddie Rivera, co-owner of New York Fitness and Boxing gym, who set out to create a heavy bag that was low impact to the hands and also offered the feel of striking a human body.

In conjunction with a marine manufacturing company, in 204 the H2O based Aqua Bag was born and initially presented in the New York Fitness and Boxing gym to positive results, and has since spread across the country and seen in gyms from NY to California, Florida, Texas and even No. 1 fighter in the world Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Mayweather Boxing Club’ in Las Vegas.

“The real challenge for me was to convince the “old timers” that this new style water inspired heavy-bag is unlike anything they have ever seen or felt before. I just needed them to give it a few good shots…

(Video by Gayle Falkenthal via YouTube)

The concept of a water-based heavy bag was not new, as there were a few introduced to combat fighting in the 1980’s.

Yet Rivera took advantage of today’s technology, providing a sleek, tear drop style design provided in multiple style colors. Punches are fielded and the Aqua Bag provides less resistance to thrown punches yet offers the same consistent impact with every throw.

“If I can get folks to give my bags a few good shots I knew I had a sale. Our new and innovative design is extremely popular in the MMA and Boxing world. As you can imagine, innovation is very slow in the boxing equipment industry and so young and old we’re excited about our bags. Plus they look cool!”

Over time, traditional bags contents sink to the bottom after heavy wear and tear, but the Aqua Bag stays in the same spherical shape and is built to last with its sleek design and durable finishing that is also equipped for outdoor use.

Although there have been positive reactions from actual professional fighters across the country, the Aqua Bag is also build towards the common man/woman seeking to participate in a hands on heavy bag workout.

“For my pro-fighters the benefits are endless. In all cases it has help them increase their power strikes and combination capabilities. Since the Aqua Punching Bag is so forgiving, most pro-fighters can throw punches at 100% strength with less fear of injury.”’

The Aqua Bag comes in multiple heavy bag sizes, as well as the Aqua Head Hunter which is designed to work on speed, accuracy and footwork, and all bags come in four different color schemes.

Change in the sport of boxing is not often welcome, but with the creation of Aqua Bag, there seems to be a new heavy bag in town, and one that is built to stay.

You may purchase them online via http://www.aquapunchingbag.com/

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