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Ringside With Raymundo: Literally Pushed Into Liking Rios/Abril

Photos by Chris Farina / Top Rank

Just like any boxing head, I felt like I was shot in the heart at the fallout of the Yuriokis Gamboa/Brandon Rios bout, a true hardcore fan match up that no doubt would have produced some quality fireworks in the already packed 135 pound division.

The fight would have been a battle of young undefeated boxing stars who will be among the boxing elite in the next few years when they begin to mature, so I didn’t mince my words and gave it to Gamboa, which you may recall if you follow this column regularly, (many thanks if you do) in this recent piece http://3morerounds.com/columns/ringside-with-raymundo-gamboa-in-a-lose-lose-situation/ , as I believed that Gamboa didn’t want none, and knew himself that he was in a situation where he could lose his “0” and the momentum he has built thus far in his career.

Hey, isn’t prizefighting about fighting for a worthy prize, taking risks and coming out on top?

Anyhow, now as the dust settled and a new opponent was introduced, we have been forced to swallow the fact that we won’t be seeing the fight we really want to see, (Hopefully Rios tells Gamboa something like, ‘I’ll see you at 140’) and Rios will still fight, although not televised on HBO and rather as an independent Top Rank PPV with a split site featuring Juan Manuel Marquez, against unknown Richard Abril for the interim WBA lightweight strap.

When that fight was announced, it did nothing to dampen the sour taste in boxing followers mouths, mine included. At a recent fight card, I spent some time with other writers and photographers discussing what could have been, and what was missed out on.

And then I came across this video:

It was funny because just like that, my interest was renewed in April 14, as it should have remained all along, and I’ll tell you why.

First off, watching this minute-and-change long clip made me remember what Rios is all about; fighting and not giving a lick about anything else. Rios persona has been high energy, ‘I’m coming to hurt you’ every time out since he turned pro, and the moment you are in the ring with him, Rios is the last person you should ask for a favor from.

Rios is known for having a very ‘no holds barred’ mouth, which is seen on the video with F bombs being thrown out as casually as the word ‘the’. Abril was present at theMiamiportion of the failed press tour for the Rios/Gamboa fight, and for some reason, he chose to get directly in the face of Rios and exchange words.

Words then turned into a shove via Abril, with Rios trying to move the suits and trainers aside so he could get his own lick in.

Boom! I’m interested again, and I always should have been. Rios is a fighter not to be missed. If you are anywhere in the realm of a Rios fight, you’d better be there, because his ferocious style is one of the best to see in the ring today.

I’ll admit that I missed Rios fight against Urbano Antillon last July inCarson,California, and that will probably be one of hopefully very few regrets during my journalistic pugilistic career.

I’m not going to make that mistake again.

The fact that Rios was unsuccessful in getting to Abril after the altercation most likely pisses off the rugged young Mexican even more, so what do you think is going to happen come April 14?

You’d better be in Vegas to find out.

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