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Rios beats Chaves via DQ

Photos: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Photos: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Coming off of two straight losses, Brandon Rios was looking to get back in the winner’s circle but he did so in an unpopular way, as Rios scored a disqualification win over Diego Chaves in Las Vegas.

The fight itself was a good one, as the two fighters engaged in a slugfest from close proximity, but one that was marred by constant fouls from both sides. During the foul-free times, Rios ripped punches to the head and body while Chaves came back with hard uppercuts and hooks upstairs.  At times, the fight was as entertaining as one could hope for, but after Rios had a point deducted in the third round for holding, things began to worsen.


Referee Vic Drakulich had to constantly warn both fighters for holding, punching on the break and whatever other reason he could find – some completely unclear.  In the fifth, Chaves got a point deducted after grabbing Rios in a headlock and taking him down to the canvas.  The fight then cleaned up for a few minutes, as the two continued trading power punches, but in the ninth, an odd exchange between Rios and Chaves prompted Drakulich to wave it off. Replays didn’t show any specific foul, but it was obvious that Drakulich was ready to end things no matter what.

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  1. Bob Bradley

    August 3, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    As George Carlin might say, “You have to stand back in awe…” at the willful blindness of those who ‘didn’t see’ the repeated dirty boxing, then cowardly fouls committed by Chaves, in his inability to deal with Rios’s inside game. There is equally obvious irony in finding fault with the ref who acted commendably in repeatedly warning Chaves and letting the fight proceed until Chaves pushed it too far. Not until Chaves’s behavior went from diversion to perverse deviation from the most rudimentary of boxing’s accepted principles did the ref put the right end to it. It is not surprising that modern day pretender-broadcasters, beholden as they are to media moguls who know little, and care less, about the essential dignity of the sport, got it wrong on purpose. Even Andre Ward, who, given laces were scraped in his face would scream bloody murder, took Jim Lampley’s lead in pussy footing the call. The only guy who behaved with honor was Rios. Bravo, hermano!

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