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Staff Predictions: Mayweather-Maidana 2

Photos: Esther Lin / Showtime

Photos: Esther Lin / Showtime

As we get closer to the Sep. 13 rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana, it’s time to start making some predictions for the fight.

The two first met in May of this year, when Mayweather was arguably in his toughest fight in years, having to fend off the vicious attack of Maidana that resulted in an entertaining encounter that kept fans on the edge of their seats.  However, despite the competitiveness of the fight, many have argued that Mayweather let up on his usual technical style in order to engage more, resulting in perhaps a closer fight than it should have.

Now that Mayweather has gotten a sense of what Maidana brings to the table, and the promise to use his boxing abilities to make it easier on himself, one has to wonder if Maidana can somehow be anymore aggressive or effective than he was earlier this year.  That being said, the fight is set and we’ll find out shortly if in fact there will be “Mayhem” on Saturday night.

Here then is the 3MoreRounds’ staff predictions for the welterweight title fight.

Matt Knowles: In the first encounter, Marcos Maidana fought the fight of his life, pressed the action for 12 rounds, earned the admiration of the viewing audience…and still lost by a comfortable margin. For the re-run, Floyd has shown little-to-no signs of regression in his preparation, working his tail off at all hours of the day/night, while maintaining his flamboyant lifestyle outside of the gymnasium. Maidana, on the other hand, was recently spotted at a press conference in a sequined blazer; not exactly the threads of choice for a humble warrior.

I expect to witness another masterpiece performance by The Greatest Athlete who Ever Lived, winning nearly every second of every round from the fourth stanza onward, with his precision counter right cross being the weapon of choice during the majority of the exchanges.

Three absolutes in life party people: Death, Taxes, Floyd. PREDICTION: 117-111 for Money Mayweather

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Martin Gallegos: The Argentine fighter appears to be in prime condition, even better than the first fight, but I just don’t see him being able to keep the type of pressure needed for 12 rounds to dethrone Mayweather. While I do believe that Maidana will once again prove to be a tough out for Mayweather, I think the pound-for-pound king will make Maidana miss and counter with shots of his own just enough times to get the victory. I do see the scores looking a little more wider than the first go-round. Marcos Maidana does have the power to end this fight with one punch, but Floyd has dealt with these types before. Another factor to watch here is referee Kenny Bayless, who is notorious for breaking up rough, inside fights often and tends to deduct points from fighters with rough styles like Maidana. If this is the case come Saturday night, Maidana may not have nearly as much success as he did in the first fight.

PREDICTION: Floyd Mayweather by decision.

Michael Payne: I would love to say Maidana by a stunning KO win but unfortunately I see this being a carbon copy of the first fight. Maidana will do all he can to rough Mayweather up and drag him into a brawl. Mayweather will weather the storm and pick him off to win rounds.

PREDICTION: Mayweather probably by majority decision.

Ali Shakoor: I think Maidana fought  as well as he was capable of fighting last time, while Mayweather AND Tony Weeks had off nights.  Mayweather adjusts as well as any boxer in history.

PREDICTION: In this rematch, I expect Mayweather to box his way to a clear and wide decision while making Maidana look like an amateur.

Raymundo Dioses: I am not of the belief that another 12 rounds with Marcos Maidana will be easier than the 12 previous in May. In fact I believe it will be a tougher 36 minutes, with Maidana, even without being offensively effective, still pressing Mayweather throughout in what will be an even closer contested and judged fight.  Ultimately, Mayweather will get the nod, with perhaps another judge scoring a draw, or even declaring Maidana as the winner by a point or two.

PREDICTION: I can see a majority decision, or split decision victory for Mayweather.

Ramon Aranda: When I look back at the first fight, I see a Floyd that was more willing to engage in exchanges than we normally see. In a way it reminded me of the Cotto fight, where he lay on the ropes a lot in order to let Cotto throw and land combinations. It was a crowd pleasing fight too.  However, Floyd isn’t stupid enough (I think) to try that again with Maidana, and even though the scorecards weren’t that close, Mayweather also allowed Maidana to fight aggressively.  You can argue that Maidana also forced the issue and it wasn’t solely a matter of Mayweather “letting him.”  Still I just don’t see Mayweather being ballsy enough to let Maidana get too close again and I foresee him fighting from a distance and pot-shotting him en route to an easier victory.

PREDICTION: Mayweather survives some early troubles from a bum-rushing Maidana to outbox him for a unanimous decision win.


  1. Edwin A, Redulla

    September 12, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    I think predictions that Mayweather will win is wrong, Maidana will win by knock-out

  2. jon

    September 12, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    with ref ken… money will just pot-shot maidana…. 116-112

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