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3 More Rounds first began as the brain child of Ramon Aranda and Ryan Bates, when in 2008, the two created the 3 More Rounds Podcast, after two years of boxing journalism.  The show flourished while Aranda, Bates and the boxing staff continued writing and covering the sport for a variety of websites.

In 2011, Aranda finally created 3MoreRounds.com to give the podcast its proper home and provide the fans with their one-stop home for boxing news, editorials and blogs. With the hard work and dedication of the entire team, 3MoreRounds.com continues to grow worldwide, with writers in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

To all of our long time readers and listeners, this website’s for you!

3 More Rounds Staff

Editor in Chief & 3MR Podcast Host
Ramon Aranda | Email | Twitter

Managing Editor & Photographer
Laura De La Torre | Email | Twitter

Senior Columnist & 3MR Podcast Co-Host
Ryan Bates | Email | Twitter

Senior Columnist
Matt Knowles | Email

Senior Columnist
Raymundo Dioses | Email

Joe Roche | Email | Twitter

Jonathan Yaghoubi | Email | Twitter

Patrick Cassidy | Email | Twitter

Ali Shakoor | Email | Twitter

John Curry | Email | Twitter

Staff Writer
Michael Payne | Email | Twitter

Staff Writer
FJ Parlan | Email | Twitter

Staff Writer
Scott Tonelli | Email

Video Producer
Jesse “JayPea” Gonzalez | Email

Moses Vered | Email

David Lee | Email

For advertising opportunities, news tips, feedback or comments, please send us an email to editor@3morerounds.com.