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Stevenson Drills Dawson for the Light Heavyweight Championship

Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press,/Graham Hughes

Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press,/Graham Hughes

It took less than a round for Adonis Stevenson to establish himself as a star in the light heavyweight division as a single left hand ended his title shot against now former light heavyweight champ Chad Dawson in Montreal on Saturday night.

Coming off of a stoppage loss to reigning super middleweight champ Andre Ward, Dawson (31-3, 17 KOs) was returning to the 175-pound division to defend his title in a fight that many felt could go either way, given Stevenson’s superior punching power.

Unfortunately for Dawson, he never had the chance to reestablish himself as it only took 75 seconds for Stevenson to find a home for his left hand.

Stevenson (21-1, 18 KOs) came out aggressively and was walking Dawson down, when he threw a right jab and followed it up with a perfectly placed left hand that sent Dawson crashing down to the canvas.  Visibly in bad shape, Dawson slowly rose to his feet, but although he voiced to the ref that he was alright to continue, he was falling over, prompting a correct stoppage to the fight.

“This is a dream come true!” shouted Stevenson upon winning the lineal light heavyweight championship.

“Now you know why Froch and Kessler don’t want to fight me,” proclaimed Stevenson. “I was using my left hand and I caught him; it was a beautiful punch.”

A dejected Dawson contended the stoppage, but ultimately acknowledged that Stevenson caught him with a good punch that he never saw. “It was a punch I didn’t see. He caught me. That’s it. He caught me with a good punch.”

Earlier in the evening, Yuriorkis Gamboa earned a workmanlike decision over Darley Perez, with scores of 116-111, 116-111 and 115-112. Gamboa was losing the opening round before a well-timed right hand sent Perez to the canvas.  Over the course of the next few rounds, Gamboa continued to pick his shots while Perez stayed back and opted to counterpunch.  Perez did have some success in the later rounds during lulls in Gamboa’s offense that netted him a couple of rounds.

In the eleventh round, Perez landed a jab to the forehead of Gamboa that also caused him to slip on a moist part of the canvas, but despite the appearance of a legit flash knockdown, the referee called it a slip.

Gamboa would cruise in the final round before getting the decision.

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