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Stiverne: I’m going to hurt that kid

Photo: Naoki Fukuda

Photo: Naoki Fukuda

Heavyweight titlist Bermane Stiverne is focused on his January 17 title defense against Deontay Wilder, and the defending champ is looking to shut him up.

“No, it (Wilder’s trash talk) doesn’t bother me,” Stiverne said. “I’m focused on beating him. I’m not going to just knock him out, I’m going to hurt that kid.   His job, I guess, is to make himself big by talking; I feel like I’m fighting Muhammad Ali. He’s a great promoter, better than his or my promoter. There’s a lot of hype about him and that’s great for our fight because it’ll come down to everybody knowing who beat him after the fight.”

While Wilder has been fending off critics who don’t give him much credit for his 32-0 record (with 32 knockouts) due to the quality of his opposition, Stiverne isn’t too worried about whether or not those opponents were any good.

“I don’t say anything about who he’s fought or him not going past four rounds,” Stiverne explained. “Those questions should be directed to him. I really don’t care. I’m going to chop him down and, if those things are factors, it’ll show in our fight. I’m just doing my job. I’ve been down and came back to knockout my opponent. I’ve also won 12 rounds fights. I know I still have power in later rounds.”

The heavyweight clash will air live on Showtime.

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