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Stiverne says Wilder is a clown

Photos: Ray Flores / 3MR

Photo: Ray Flores / 3MR

Newly crowned WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne recently addressed the chatter coming from Team Wilder.

Contender and undefeated fighter Deontay Wilder is next in line for a crack at the crown as the No. 1 contender for the title and has been very vocal in his assessment of Stiverne, but the first Haitian born heavyweight champion insists it does not bother him.

“He’s not going to get under my skin,”

“I think he’s funny. Maybe he should think about doing a comedy act after I beat him? Friends have sent me stuff he’s said and done. It’s funny. He’s like a little kid who needs attention, so he keeps opening his mouth. His trash talking doesn’t bother me at all. I saw some people who brought up what he’s said. What am I supposed to do, hand my title to him? I guess he wants to entertain his fans. If he thinks his tricks are going to bother me, he’s going to be in big trouble,” Stiverne said.

Stiverne manager Camille Estephan took things a bit further.

“Wilder is a clown,”

“No respect! What’s he ever done to act like this? Look who he’s fought. Bermane is going to expose him and shut him up for good. His actions are ill advised. Wilder doesn’t realize he’s in for such a rough ride and a very big surprise. We’re happy to fight him, mandatory or not.”

Stiverne spoke of his life changes following his knockout stoppage victory over Chris Arreola earlier this year, as well as what he feels he is bringing to the sport and the heavyweight division.

“My life hasn’t really changed too much other than my popularity growing,”

“My Instagram followers went up from 2,000 to 13,000 from one picture. There hasn’t been one day I haven’t done something in public. I expected change but not like this. People used to look at me and ask if I played in the NFL. I’ve had people tell me they always thought I was a football player until they saw me fight Arreola. Places I used to stand in line to get in, well, I don’t stand in line anymore.

“I do feel like a fresh face in the heavyweight division,”

“I’m bringing excitement back to the heavyweight division like years ago. Wilder’s not a threat but I’m taking him serious. I take all my opponents seriously but I’m going to teach that little kid a lesson. It’s a shame his promoter and manager are putting him in such a big fight like this so early in his career.”

A deal is prospected to be made this fall for a Stiverne/Wilder showdown.

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