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Stiverne stops Arreola; wins WBC heavyweight title

Photos: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

Photos: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

In the lead-up to their rematch, Bermane Stiverne and Chris Arreola exchanged heavy words, with their final press conference getting extremely heated.

When the two finally met in the middle of the ring on Saturday night, they traded bombs, but it was ultimately Stiverne who would walk away with another win and the WBC heavyweight title.

During the opening round, Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) stunned Arreola in the closing moments, though Arreola (36-4, 31 KOs) had a better second round, throwing combinations and mixing in shots to the body.  Arreola was closing the distance, as he used his jab to set up one-twos while both fighters traded power punches.

Bermane Stiverne v Chris ArreolaIn the third, Arreola landed a hard right that sent Stiverne to the ropes as he unloaded to the head and certainly had “B-Ware” in some trouble. However, Stiverne began to land his right hands with more frequency and a one-two in the sixth round, which was punctuated with a right cross to the temple, sent Arreola down after his legs turned into jello.  Arreola managed to beat the count but he was clearly in bad shape.  A follow-up barrage from Stiverne sent Arreola down again moments later.  While the fight could’ve been stopped at that moment, when Arreola struggled to regain his balance, referee Jack Reiss allowed him to continue.

Stiverne would not be denied though as he went on the attack once again and with Arreola taking punishment against the ropes, Reiss finally stepped in to wave it off, giving Stiverne his first world title, and thus becoming the first Haitan-born heavyweight titlist.

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