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The Official Pacquiao/Marquez 24/7 Review – Part II

Episode two begins at a donut shop in General Santos City, where narrator Liev Schreiber dimes out one of Pacquiao’s first careers:  Donut seller on the side of the road and links that story to the fighter stating there may be another Pac Man sitting on the streets with a sheet full of donuts for sale.

Pacquiao is then shown knelt in prayer with wife Jinkee, then a jump into a Hummer for a drive to apply for a fight he already knows he will win, a second term as a Congressman with no opposing political opponent. Jinkee announced her venture into politics and there will be some pink gloves awaiting her in the political ring in her and her famous husbands fight to make the Philippines a better place and change the perception of politics in the region.

Flash to Mexico City, where JMM is holding weights while doing sit ups, weight training and throwing medicine balls with two trainers for a pre-dawn work out. Marquez stated that in addition to training the body, he is also training his mind for the fourth dance with the Pac Man.   Marquez says that he’s 39 but feels like he’s 25, and that he’ll know when it’s time to retire when he cannot do what he is doing now. A morning breakfast, then the renting of a jumper and piñata for the kids for a backyard get down with the family shows that Marquez is very grounded and prioritized when it comes to the people closest to him.

Flash then to a Philippine meat market, where fish are thrown and newspapers are read and then a shot of Pacquiao ‘training’ for a fight with a jog session, volleyball and yes, the ever important badminton, followed by a basketball session, which the fighter states helps him to change up things just like keeping his food menu interesting.

The June 9 fight was chronicled and Pacquiao said it ‘wasn’t even close’ and HBO’s Jim Lampley called it a virtual shutout. Roach said he slipped off the gas pedal and should have knocked Tim Bradley out. Trainer Roach stated that he was surprised by the first called first score, and Pacquiao said he wondered if he was in boxing, he was so surprised by the outcome. Roach is shown telling his fighter in the dressing room that it was one of the best fights he ever saw him fight. There was then a shockingly hostile interview with mother Pacquaio where she stated she was so mad she wanted to see a rematch and was going to Las Vegas right then, she was so mad.

Juan Manuel Marquez is then seen in studio shooting ‘Golpe A Golpe’ for ESPN Deportes near Mexico City, where his role changes from fist thrower to fight talker, a position he has had for some time now. The narrator, Schreiber, describes it as JMM fitting into the role nicely, and ‘Dinamita’ is asked who he likes in what ended up being 2012’s Fight of the Year and correctly picked Brandon Rios over Mike Alvarado.

He fits in the microphone holding world, indeed.

Writer note: This past June following the Pacquiao/Bradley fight, I stood in the back as JMM was preparing to do a segment of Golpe A Golpe while Pacquiao was still at the dais talking. Once Pacquiao finished, he slickly strolled to the back of the room where the ESPN Deportes crew was setting up. While most writers were still punching out their deadline pieces, I stood feet away as Pacquiao, seemingly unexpectedly and candidly took to the roundtable of the Deportes crew, fielded questions from the just finished fight and even proposed the fourth match with JMM only an hour after the June 9 fight was over. Pacquiao had also stated he wanted to fight JMM in Mexico.

Photo: Dennis Guillermo

The fighter than goes home and shows his new home for his family, as last year his former home was burglarized, prompting him to move and to have more security for his familia.  Marquez speaks of appreciation of being able to provide better for his children then he had growing up as a child in Mexico.

The scene shifts to a hotel in Manila where a mini-Pac Man, six year old ‘Princess’, is given a princess themed birthday.

Here is where things get memorable: the eight division, future Hall of Fame inductee and Congressman sheds all of those cloaks and begins dancing to ‘Wolfman Gangnam Style’, the smash hit of 2012.

“It’s really important to have time with my kids and my family because five years from now, ten years from now, I cannot play like that no more.” It’s widely suspected that Pacquiao will only be fighting inside an MGM Grand ring for a handful of fights before seeking out and most likely attaining a bigger role in Philippine politics,- and promoter Bob Arum has stated in the past that because of the Pac Man’s immense popularity in his native country, he will not be surprised if one day another cloak is worn by his fighter: President Pacquiao.

Wife Jinkee then goes on to express her thankfulness for ‘Playful Pacquiao’ and states that she has forgiven her husband of all of his past transgressions, and has forgotten about them as well.  Schreiber again dimes out Pacquiao, stating that Pacquiao was two weeks late for training camp in LA.

A nice contrast of entrances to both camps is shown as JMM rides in a Mercedes Jeep and Pacquiao arrives in an H2 to start hitting mitts in Mexico and Manila in preparation of hitting each-other’s faces.  ‘Reawaken their instinct’, says Schreiber.

Check back next week for a review of Part III of HBO’s 24/7 in advance of Pacquiao/Marquez IV.

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