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Thurman, Diaz, Figueroa, Molina workout quotes

Photos: Tom Hogan - Hoganphotos / GBP

Photos: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos / GBP

A media workout was held prior to Saturday’s Showtime tripleheader as fighters prepare for their fights at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. All main event fighters, plus undercard fighters, had their say:

KEITH THURMAN, WBA Interim Welterweight World Champion and Main Event fighter

“What excites me most is being in the main event. They could have put me on other cards as a co-feature, but this shows me respect and I want to thank Golden Boy for that.

“Every fighter has to take it one fight at a time, and I’m going in Saturday to do my job.


ThurmanDiazMediaWorkout_Hoganphotos2“They said I was an old man three years ago and said it was time for me to retire. Actually, I’ve been hearing the same thing for 15 years. They said it when I lost my title. They said it when I got knocked out. But I’m still here and Saturday I’m getting a shot at another world title.

“Keith Thurman is for real. He’s getting all the attention. But that’s the way it always is before my fights. Let’s see what they’re saying after our fight on Saturday.’’

LUCAS MATTYHSSE, Former Interim World Champion coming off loss versus Danny Garcia in September and facing contender John Molina on Saturday

“All fights are important but this one is especially very important for me to win so that I can get back to where I was in the division.

“In my last fight (a points’ loss to Unified Super Lightweight Champion Danny Garcia), I thought everything was going my way until I caught an elbow in my right eye. I don’t think it was a punch, but it turned the fight around.

JOHN MOLINA, Junior Welterweight Contender

MatthysseMolinaMediaWorkout_Hoganphotos“I feel like I’ve come full circle and I’m right where I should be.

“Fighting at 140 is a gift for me. This is my second fight at junior welter but I feel better than I ever have. So moving up from 135 will not be a factor.

“Against the kind of fighter Matthysse is, I have the opportunity to show what I’m really all about. I showed it once against Bey on SHOWTIME and I’m confident I can do it again on Saturday.’’


“One difference between when Belmontes and I used to fight and now is that I’m a full-grown man. Now, I have the size advantage. I’ve sparred with the likes of Amir Khan, Tim Bradley, the late Edwin Valero and Julio Diaz. Working with them has helped me cover all my bases and now I’m a world champion.

“Jerry’s been talking forever about fighting me. But it hasn’t just been a one-way street. I’ve been wanting to fight him, too, since the amateurs. Believe me, it got to the point where I would have settled just to spar a few rounds with him. I’m very vengeful when it comes to boxing.

JERRY BELMONTES, Lightweight Contender and amateur rival of Figueroa

“He says we fought three times in the amateurs but I say five and I beat him all five times. As far as I can tell, he still fights the same way. He comes forward, possesses no defense and likes to get hit. He’s always fought like that.

“Our fights were 12-13 years ago, but I remember beating him easily, basically by out-boxing and out-moving and out-working him. If he gets frustrated on Saturday, just like he always does, I know I’ll have him again.

YAMAGUCHI FALCAO, 2012 Olympic Games Bronze Medalist From Brazil fighting his 2nd professional bout 

“I cannot tell you how excited I am about fighting. I really want to show the world and my country, Brazil, that the Yamaguchi they saw in my debut on Jan. 25 in Brazil was not me. The fight ended in a no-contest and it was very, very disappointing. It was not good for me and I felt terrible about what happened. That’s why I am so looking forward to Saturday.

JARMALL CHARLO, Undefeated, World-Ranked Junior Middleweight 

“Ever since my world title fight fell through (against Carlos Molina, due to Molina’s legal issues), it’s been back to square one for me. But that’s part of boxing and I’m learning from it. I’m still young and this is part of my job. As bad as I wanted it, it came and went.  I know I’m gonna get my world title shot sooner or later. They can’t keep dodging me forever.

JOSEPH JO-JO DIAZ, Promising, Unbeaten Super Bantamweight

“This is by far the most experienced opponent I’ve faced. He has 50 fights. I expect him to come out and try to use his experience, show me some head movement, vary his attack, anything to try and get me out of my game plan.”

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