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Train in Vain: Broner Suspended by the WBC Amid Mounting Woes

007_Adrien_BronerCount this as what happens when you lose and your stock drops,

Adrien “The Problem” Broner was first chastised by Showtime’s Jim Gray for his controversial remarks following his victory on Saturday night against Carlos Molina, in which he cursed several times and claimed that the fight was a televised sparring match. Now, he’s facing punishment from the World Boxing Council (WBC) who suspended Broner for alleged “racist comments” made during the interview. Pretty much all the suspension means is that he will no longer be ranked by the organization nor be able to fight for their title. Not a huge loss in a world where titles are largely meaningless.

In fairness to Broner, his interview was tasteless, but I’ve never heard of a scenario in which the word “Mexican” is deemed racist. Broner was simply bragging that he had beaten a Mexican fighter… Taunting, yes… Racist? Not so much. Anyway, this is likely just a ploy by the WBC to get some publicity and they’ve indicated that they’ll rescind the suspension once Broner apologizes, which he’ll likely do soon.

Honestly, Broner has far bigger issues, at the moment, than the WBC. His fight against Molina, in which he was expected to cruise, was ugly and unflattering for him. He looks lost at 140 and there are growing indications that both Showtime and Golden Boy Promotions is tiring of his act. The once red-hot star is quickly facing the path of being a pariah rather than an attraction.

Perhaps it’s time that he impresses with fists rather than his mouth.

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