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Walters fails to make weight

Photo: Will Hart / HBO

Photo: Will Hart / HBO

Update: In his second attempt, Walters came in at 127 pounds, still one pound over the limit and has been stripped of his title. The fight however, will move forward, though Marriaga is the only one that can win the title.

As of 3:00 PM EST, WBA featherweight titlist Nicholas Walters has failed to make weight for his Saturday bout against Colombia’s Manuel Marriaga, who had no issue making 125. Walters initially stepped on the scale at 127 and is presently working to drop the excess weight. Marriaga’s people, however, have stated to Boxing Scene that they will continue with the fight regardless of whether Walters makes weight by 05:00 PM.

For the undercard, Felix Verdejo and Ivan Najera had no issue coming in under the 135 lb limit and it was evident that much of the crowd at the weigh-in were in attendance to support Verdejo, who is fighting on the eve of New York’s Puerto Rican Day parade.

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